UKCBC Careers

Our Ethos

First and foremost, UKCBC is a provider of quality education. The company continues to be focused on the needs of the students. If you’re passionate about teaching or helping facilitate the learning experience for students, we want to hear from you.

Working for UKCBC

Staff happiness and progression are at the forefront of employment at UKCBC. Our aim is to provide a space in which employees can enjoy their role and push themselves to reach their full potential.

We’ve proudly cultivated a working environment that encourages participation and a healthy work-life balance through initiatives like:

  • External learning support from UKCBC
  • A friendly, compassionate workforce
  • Multiple benefit schemes

Starting Life with UKCBC  

UKCBC new starters are given time and space to adapt to their new colleagues and environment. Inductions for individual roles differ but rest assured, each department has created a unique programme to help introduce their staff and get them up to speed on everything that will be required to perform their role to the standard required. And the induction is just the start; as soon as you begin, you’ll be put on a pathway to progression with reports to check how UKCBC can help you develop.

Develop and Progress

We’ve proudly championed an environment in which those who have the drive to succeed are given space and support necessary to do so. If you’re passionate about your area of expertise and are constantly looking to improve then we want to help you.

Being an educational institution we understand people are not born with the skills needed to be a leader in their field which is why learning extends out beyond the students and into our staff.

Staff training, both internal and external, is encouraged. We understand that the institution would suffer if staff development were to be ignored; this is why we encourage all managers to listen to requests regarding training and development.

UKCBC is growing rapidly. To support this growth we look internally to see where progress has been made and reward those responsible for the growth with promotions.

Rest assured - if you have the ambition, UKCBC will reward it.

Rewards and Benefits in the Workplace

Here at UKCBC, we understand that rewards play a huge part in encouraging positive behaviour and motivation within the workplace. This is why we strive to provide innovative, new benefits to help us stand out from the rest of the employers.

Here are just some of the benefits we provide at UKCBC:

  • Company Bonus Scheme
  • Salary Review Scheme
  • Salary Sacrifice Scheme
  • Generous Holiday Scheme; we provide additional days of holiday over the Christmas and Easter breaks
  • Perkbox – Staff can gain free and discounted perks among many of the UK’s best known brands, from Fitness First, Sainsbury’s, House of Fraser, M&S, and PC World to global brands such as Starbucks, Apple and Uber. Employees can access a variety of benefits and save money in over 3,000 supermarkets, 2,000 shops, 6,500 restaurants and 2,500 gym branches
  • Employee Assistant Programme – This is available through Perkbox and gives employees the chance to gain access to telephone consultations with trained counsellors, should they need to talk about any problems they are experiencing
  • Pension and Pension Scheme – We operate a contributory pension scheme into which staff are auto-enrolled (subject to the conditions of the scheme)

Sue - Campus Manager:

“Since joining UKCBC I feel that I have developed as a person. I’ve learned about the complexities of higher education, the processes behind the teaching and learning, and how to assist and communicate with people from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds. The College has undergone major expansion in recent months due to its popularity and success, which has meant career advancement for its employees. UKCBC is a very positive place to work.”

Rachel - Student Advisor:

“UKCBC has a friendly work environment in which all staff members go out their way to help each other and the students. Training is always provided when required and to a high standard. There are lots of opportunities to progress within the company.”

Laura - Student Recruitment Manager:

“There is a wealth of opportunity to learn and develop, particularly if you wish to get into or continue developing a career in a higher education environment. There is an overall passion in the college for it to grow, to be innovative and to have really great courses where learners can come and achieve their goals. The company provides training opportunities, personal development and offer incentives such as Perkbox. College events are always fun and a great opportunity to get together with staff at other campuses.”

Audrey – Graphic Designer:

“UKCBC awarded me with my first professional role as a graphic designer. Working as a graphic designer for UKCBC has helped me understand what’s needed when working for a large company as well as what’s expected of an in-house graphic designer. UKCBC has given me the space and support necessary to develop into a confident professional.”