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Write for UKCBC! We’re giving UKCBC students the opportunity to gain invaluable experience and professional exposure by working with our marketing team and writing for our site.

Can you give insight into a UKCBC-relevant topic? Do you have an idea for an interesting article that is relevant to prospective and current students? Do you have any tips for studying that could be useful for other students? If so, we want to hear from you!

Step One

Click on the tab Show Your Interest and fill in the form with the article title, a short summary of the piece, and the first paragraph of the content that you would like to publish.

Step Two

Our marketing team will review the content and let you know if it’s a topic that aligns with our publishing guidelines. We’ll contact you and give you the green light to continue.

Step Three

Submit the full piece of content for review. Our marketing team will get back to you with any necessary amendments.

Step Four

Make the amendments and submit the final piece. Our marketing team will then put the content through our publication review process.

Step Five

Our marketing team will make the required changes to bring the content in line with the publication guidelines. You'll be asked for consent for publication, and then we'll publish the content on the UKCBC website!

Published writers will be attributed by name and image, and they’ll be able to link to the content on future job applications.

Need more information? Check out our news posts for an idea of the topics we cover.

Experience is king in the UK job market. Relevant work placements in a professional context can make a huge difference when applying for a professional role. That’s why we’re offering students the chance to show off their expertise on a public stage.

Students and graduates gaining professional work experience often find the responsibilities they’re given in such positions don’t always correspond with their chosen role’s day-to-day tasks. By writing for UKCBC’s website, you get to discuss the topic that you’re passionate about while showing off your knowledge; you’ll have the chance to create content that highlights the skills and knowledge required for potential future roles to help support your job applications. Additionally, you’ll receive guidance from our marketing team on areas such as research, SEO and writing style.

- Gain a competitive edge over other applicants.

- You’ll get insight into the world of marketing and you’ll see if it’s the sector for you.

- You’ll be able to identify gaps in your professional knowledge and see what skills you need to acquire to compete with other applicants.