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FREE Workshops for Your Professional Development

At UKCBC, we provide free professional development workshops to all HND students in addition to the main programmes of study. During such sessions, our academic team works with students to identify what areas of their repertoire are in need of improvement in a bid to prepare students for professional life.

As well as identifying and developing skills needed in a professional capacity, our academic team also use these extra sessions to tackle any academic concerns students may have in relation to their UKCBC qualification. Essay writing, grammar and punctuation, and analytical development are but a selection of the topics that can be addressed during the workshops.

Students begin workshops by creating an outline of their professional development goals with a UKCBC tutor. Students may then be set tasks, such as an employability skills assignment, to help hone those elements necessary to gain employment. Understanding the specific sectors’ professional environment and creating a clear plan of action for life after graduation are examples of subjects covered.

The workshops enable students to share knowledge, improve their skills and stimulate new, creative ideas regarding employability.

Topics Covered in our Professional Development Workshops:

  • Use of English by non-native speakers
  • Challenges in business communication
  • Organising and planning
  • Time management
  • Conducting research
  • Note-taking
  • Adacemic report writing and essays
  • Giving effective presentations using powerpoint
  • How to build practical skills for influencing others
  • Referencing
  • In addition to the syllabus of topics covered in the workshops, students can make suggestions and contributions. The student representatives can interact with the course co-ordinators and tutors and suggest topics of interest to be covered during development sessions.

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