Life in London can be as action-packed or relaxed as you choose, with countless opportunities to discover iconic landmarks and experience a nightlife that is vibrant and exciting. There is also the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and share your enjoyment of the city together. Whether you have a taste for the arts, enjoy sporting activities, or simply wish to have friends or classmates with whom to enjoy the nightlife, London has something to suit you.

Websites such as provide an online network to help you find those with similar hobbies and interests; simply browse the categories and groups to find a social circle to suit your interests. You can find such activities as running clubs and book clubs, arrange outings to local landmarks, or even find a group of friends to hit the town with.

Similarly, and enable you to find out about events and activities that might be of interest, meaning you can pack your calendar with things to do and connect with fellow enthusiasts of your chosen hobbies.

UKCBC Promotes a Healthy Social Life

We are keen to promote an active social life for our students, as we believe that networking with others is important for both your academic and personal development. So UKCBC hopes to provide a study environment that enables you to establish lasting relationships with fellow students, thereby ensuring your well-being and happiness throughout the whole duration of your studies.

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