One of the key aims of the UK College of Business and Computing is to ensure that our students get the most out of their time in the city of London. Therefore, UKCBC strives to implement an enjoyable social environment within the learning experience, by offering social events as well as tips on where best to experience London life.

We take pride in being able to support our students in finding the accommodation options to best suit them, helping them find somewhere to stay during your studies that enables them to experience all that the city has to offer, while providing somewhere to relax and unwind after a day of study.

UKCBC does not have its own halls of residence. However, we can assist students in obtaining adequate housing close to the college. We can help students to find the right type of accommodation and liaise with landlords on their behalf, if requested. There is no registration fee for this service, which is provided free of charge and we recommend notifying the college as soon as you are aware of your travel dates, so that the rental period can be arranged.

Private Accommodation

For many, home represents a place of peace and quiet, free from the disturbance and the bustling lives of others. If you plan on living alone in London and have the budget to either rent or purchase a property, we can help you find the perfect private accommodation. Websites such as Right Move and Zoopla enable you to search through the leading property options, but you can also find accommodation opportunities in local newspaper listings, and with lettings agents.

Home Stay

If you wish for your time in the city to remind you of your home comforts, the UKCBC can help in sourcing a home stay with a local family. This form of accommodation ensures exceptional value for money, and means you can stay in a household offering everything you would expect from a standard British home.

Flat Shares

Rental accommodation can prove expensive if students want to rent alone, so why not look at websites such as Easy Roomate and SpareRoom to find others looking to share a property? By signing up to rent a room or share a flat, your expenses will be lowered, which usually means you can afford a nicer property in a nicer area.

Student Hostels

Student hostels are a safe and reliable option. They usually provide meals in the morning and evening, 7 days a week, as well as fully individual rooms with their own bath and toilet, TV, tea and coffee making facilities. Some hostels also have gym and fitness facilities.

Prices can vary dependent on the location of your chosen accommodation, but you can opt for a single room if you wish to live alone, or for a double or twin room for those looking to split costs and share with fellow students or friends.

Please note: When booking a room, students may have to pay rent in advance.

Independent Hostels

Facilities, as well as the prices, will be very similar to student hostels. These are also safe and reliable, but note that these hostels are not designed especially for students.

Also be aware that this type of accommodation does not provide meals and so you will have to make other meal arrangements. Do bear in mind that the cost of your room will not include food or other additional factors, such as gym facilities, so you will need to consider such additions to your budget.

Bed & Breakfast

These are mainly small, family run businesses. Usually very affordable, and prices are commonly around £25 per person, per night including a simple breakfast. Rooms often come with a TV, tea and coffee making facilities, a fridge, ironing facilities, and clothes washing facilities.

Let UKCBC Help

To find out more about sourcing suitable accommodation for your time in London, contact UKCBC today. We’ll be happy to provide advice and guidance and help you find the perfect place to reside during your studies.