London is a major hub for education, business, art, music, theatres and much more.

Each year, London offers more than 30,000 internationally recognised courses for over 90,000 international students. This is more than any other city in the world!

The diversity of colleges, universities, libraries and other educational institutions provides unrivalled opportunities for students.

If students are travelling from overseas to study in London, we recommend reading the following information before travelling to the UK.

Where to Stay in London?

There is plenty of accommodation available in and around London, with many different price ranges and levels of comfort on offer. Students should be able to find something that is suitable as well as affordable. We advise checking all accommodation details thoroughly before making any decisions. Below are examples of important things to consider before making any big decisions:

  • Who is in charge of the accommodation, who’s the landlord/landlady?
  • With whom is the agreement being made?
  • Does the room include meals?
  • What facilities are available? TV? Fridge? Washing machine? Crockery?
  • Find out if the bills are included within the cost of rent
  • Find out if there are any additional costs on top
  • Find out how easy it will be to travel from your accommodation to the college

Airport Collection

Students can request an airport pickup by providing flight information to the college, prior of their arrival in the UK. A booking fee will apply (to cover the costs of transfer from the airport).

Medical Services

The most common services provided by the NHS in England are carried out through emergency and urgent care, general practitioners (GPs) and dental services. Students are encouraged to register with a doctor and dentist as soon as they arrive, so that if medical attention is ever needed it can be provided more easily. The college sources the details of all practitioners in the surrounding area for students and makes them readily available. Information and advice is also provided on other medical services available in the UK, such as hospitals, clinics and private health care institutions.

London on a Budget

Travel for London offers substantial discounts for students. A monthly student travel card currently costs 30% less than an adult travel card. There are many other discounts to be taken advantage of as a student too. Especially on large expenditures like council tax which is free for full-time students.


London is famous for its fashion. Students can visit designer stores in Kensington and the West End, or head to one of the famous London markets, such as Camden or Spitalfields. These markets sell new and second-hand clothes, arts, crafts, ethnic knick-knacks, jewellery, bric-a-brac, furniture, designer clothes, army surplus gear, records, retro clothing and much more. Westfield in Stratford, which is very close to UKCBC main campus, is one of the newest and biggest attractions for shopping. Opened just before the Olympics 2012, there are plenty of shops to visit here, as well as restaurants and a cinema.

Eating Out

Eating out in London is an exciting experience. As one of the world’s most multicultural cities, London has a huge variety of food and cuisines on offer, from Thai to Indian and African to Korean. It also suits most wallets! London has a large student population and restaurants offer student discounts, providing tasty but affordable food for every level of income.


The public transport system in London is among the best in the world. The underground, or ‘tube’, services most parts of the city. The rail services and bus routes are also excellent ways to get around. Most tube lines run until just after midnight and start again after 5am. Recently, five underground lines have been added to the ‘night tube’ service, covering Friday and Saturday nights. The buses run at similar times, but also run a reduced night-time service. Find our more information on fares and season tickets at Transport for London.

Places to Visit

For Cultural Trips:

Beginning with The London Eye, The National Gallery and Tower of London, there are plenty of tourist attractions in London. The world-famous British Museum, Natural History Museum, Madame Tussauds, and Buckingham Palace are just some of the many fantastic attractions to try whilst studying in London.

For Music Lovers:

There are thousands of concert halls, museums, restaurants, and cinemas for you to visit. Absorb the buzz of London city life and watch world famous bands and DJ’s perform in London on a nightly basis. With areas like Camden and Hoxton boasting an influential and vibrant youth culture, there is definitely no shortage of things to do on a Friday night!

For Sports Fanatics:

Sports enthusiasts will also be spoilt for choice. Cricket lovers will be drawn to the iconic Lord’s cricket ground, while rugby fans will definitely enjoy a trip to Twickenham. A number of premiership football teams play in the capital, and the monumental new 90,000-capacity Wembley stadium, in north London, will take your breath away. There are also plenty of opportunities to play sports in and around the city.