Students are provided with the various loans and grants as follows:

Tuition Fee Loan:

UK/EU students are entitled to apply for a tuition fee loan through the SLC to cover the full cost of college tuition fees. The SLC pays the tuition fee loan directly to the college. Repayments are based on your income and you are required to repay the loan once you have left college and your income is over £25,000 per year, as per current terms.

Maintenance Loan:

Students may also apply for maintenance loans from the SLC, which are provided in three instalments to assist with their living costs including accommodation, food, books, and travel.

For any enquiries relating to Student Finance, please send an email to

UKCBC Financial Support Page

College Support

UKCBC acknowledges that on occasion, students may require additional short-term financial support through no fault of their own. In these instances, students are encouraged to apply for a UKCBC Student Support Loan.

Mandatory Criteria:

– Students’ attendance and progress onto the course
– The student has to have been resident in the UK for the last three years

Students who apply for the Student Support Loan are required to be familiar with the following Terms & Conditions:

  1. Students are required to complete and submit the Student Support Loan Form along with supporting evidence
  2. The documents will be verified and, if any sort of deception is identified, the application will be void and the student will be called for disciplinary action
  3. If there is a delay in receiving the SLC funding students need to prove that this delay results from the SLC application process
  4. If it is identified that the delay in funding occurred because the student failed to provide sufficient evidence to the SLC to support the loan application, then the college reserves the right to refuse the support loan
  5. Students should contact the administration office at their respective campus to arrange an interview in relation to their student support loan application
  6. The final decision to approve the application will be purely on the basis of the submitted documents and the student’s attendance and progress on the course
  7. The amount allocated is purely at the discretion of the college, subject to the documents submitted and the student’s circumstances
  8. Students are required to sign the agreement confirming the repayment of the whole amount back to the college within seven working days of receiving the loan from SLC
  9. Failure to make repayment will result in serious action against the student’s enrolment and the details will be handed over to the Credit Control Team
  10. For more information on how to apply for the college student support loan and its related terms and conditions, please contact us on