UKCBC Student Services

Student Support at UKCBC in London and Essex

We provide a range of services to support students during their time at UKCBC, starting from their initial application to helping students settle into the campus and their new class surroundings.

Pre-Induction Information

Pre-induction information refers to important factors that students are required to understand before they arrive at the college, the main emphasis being on the explanation of all services and support that we provide to students. Students will therefore be made aware of all the facilities offered by UKCBC, as a leading institution for higher education.

General Services

UKCBC aims to provide the best possible services to our students, with many outstanding facilities available. We believe that in supporting our students, we enhance their learning experience. Support and guidance is given to all students, across each of our campuses.

In addition to our services, students are also responsible for observing the college regulations and taking appropriate action when required. This helps make the learning experience as smooth and effective as possible.

One of our main goals is also to educate our students about global trends, to give them the best opportunities for their future career.

Education and Life in London

London is a major centre for education, business, finance, art, music, theatre, and much more.

Each year, London offers more than 30,000 internationally recognised courses for over 90,000 students. This is more than any other city in the world.

The diversity of colleges, universities, libraries and other educational institutions provides unrivalled opportunities for students.

Student Life at UKCBC

Students at UKCBC are in the unique position of being able to experience a productive college lifestyle. We believe that student life should ‘guide students in realising academic, professional and personal goals as they progress towards the final award and beyond’.

Our student population participates in various events held on our campuses every year and we offer all the essential activities that are associated with traditional student life.