Studying and Dealing with Personal Commitments

At UKCBC, we are aware of the diverse needs of our students. As such, we have created a learning environment that offers support and flexibility to our student body; this is to ensure each UKCBC student is not constrained by any academic, personal or work-related limitations that could affect his or her academic performance.

Our campuses across London offer an array of courses tailored to support your academic and professional development goals. We offer both day and evening classes to ensure access to our higher education provision is open to as many as possible. Additionally, we embed professional development classes in some of our undergraduate courses to support you in those critical steps after graduation.

Our courses offer a degree of flexibility in their structure to support all student circumstances. Whether you have work commitments or need to support a family while studying, UKCBC aims to provide a solution through our flexible learning options. UKCBC provides a wide range of learning options through its various campuses spread across London, flexible timetables – day, evening or weekend options to provide you with the needed flexibility to accommodate your work and personal commitments.

Part-Time Study

Our AAT courses can be studied part-time; this enables learners to fit their education around their external commitments.

Evening and Weekend Courses

Our evening and weekend study courses are ideal if you’re in full-time employment. This option enables you to pursue a UKCBC qualification while continuing your career.

UKCBC works diligently to support your study needs. We endeavour to offer flexibility across all our courses, thereby enabling you to find an option that fits your circumstances.

We are committed to helping students gain access to and achieve their goals at a higher education level. Contact UKCBC today to find out how one of our undergraduate qualifications can work for you.