Nicoleta-Elena Olteanu
“I enjoy my time at UKCBC and particularly enjoy the Human Resources module.”
Nicoleta-Elena Olteanu- BTEC Level 5 HND in Business
Mihaela Minea
“I really enjoy being a student at UKCBC. I have a lot of help from the teachers and staff and that’s why I referred my friend to this course.”
Mihaela Minea- BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Health and Social Care
Lavinia Ionela Grigore
“I have been a student at UKCBC for four months. Everyone is polite and friendly here and the teachers are great. I strongly recommend this college.”
Lavinia Ionela Grigore- BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Business
Georgia Serb
“I’m so happy! I strongly recommend UKCBC. Today I received the ‘refer a friend’ voucher and I am very grateful for that!”
Georgia Serb- BTEC Level 5 HND in Travel and Tourism Management
Cristina-Marina Vass
“UKCBC you are the best! I am very happy to be a student at your college. I have made a lot of friends and the teachers are very nice and kind to us.”
Cristina-Marina Vass- BTEC Level 5 HND in Travel and Tourism Management
Andrei Bulugea
“I really like the Travel and Tourism Management HND. My teachers are very helpful.”
Andrei Bulugea- BTEC Level 5 HND in Travel and Tourism Management
Cristina-Ramona Butcovan
"I am very proud and happy with the degree. I became a role model for my children."
Cristina-Ramona Butcovan- BA (Hons) Business and Management (Tourism)
Mujtaba Asif Qureshi
"My Top-Up Degree helped me to gain confidence to apply for the job I wanted. I have now been employed by an ambulance company."
Mujtaba Asif Qureshi- BA (Hons) Business and Management
Claudia Stirbu
"Thank you Bath Spa University and UKCBC for your support in accomplishing my bachelor degree."
Claudia Stirbu- BA (Hons) Business and Management (Tourism)
Serenelle Clara Tamas
"UKCBC has supported me through college and my top-up year as well. Amazing lecturers and staff! Thank you!"
Serenelle Clara Tamas- BA (Hons) Business and Management (Tourism)
Uthayachandran Tharmalingam
"It has been a great experience. Now I am also telling other students about this subject. I really enjoyed it."
Uthayachandran Tharmalingam- BA (Hons) Business and Management
Andreea Poara
“I spent three years at UKCBC. I had a good experience and gained new skills.”
Andreea Poara- BA (Hons) Business and Management (Tourism)
Thirunavukarasu Thiyagarajan
“When my Top-Up Degree finished, I gained more skills in business management. Thank you very much all lecturers and staff.”
Thirunavukarasu Thiyagarajan- BA (Hons) Business and Management
Krasimira Kostova
“It was lovely to study at UKCBC.”
Krasimira Kostova- BA (Hons) Business and Management