UKCBC logo

Our New Visual Identity – Rebranding

U Learn, U Grow, U Succeed

This trinity is distinctive within the logo, with the steady increase in size of each U, representative of student growth and progression with the UKCBC. In addition, the close alignment of each U represents the supportive environment that we strive to foster within the College.

Concept of the UKCBC logo


Colour can connect with us on an unconscious level, conveying sentiments and establishing a connection with an audience beyond the factual. The colour turquoise was chosen as it reflects the necessity for open communication in the expression of ideas, positive decision-making, and other managerial skills required for the development of an individual, a group, an organisation, and a society.

Numerical Significance

The letter U is the 21st letter of the alphabet. Having a numerical sum of three, 21 symbolises the principles of growth and the energies of optimism, inspiration, intelligence, sociability and communication. Its significance as the fifth and final vowel, meanwhile, embodies the attributes of progress, experience and opportunity.


Unique and recognisable, Proxima Nova combines geometric shapes with elegant curves and flexibility, harmoniously balancing the U of the logo.

Logo Meaning

The emphasis of the U denotes our commitment to our students and our dedication to delivering the best in academic development. We have three core beliefs and encapsulate these within our logo.