The evening of 26 April, saw UKCBC’s official inauguration of its newest campus located in the Holborn district of central London. The event marks an important milestone in the progression of UKCBC, demonstrating just how far the institution has come since its inception more than 15 years ago.

The event was attended by staff members, representatives from the student body, and distinguished guests including the Deputy Mayor of London Rajesh Agrawal; UKCBC Managing Director Mr Geomon Joseph; member of UKCBC’s Advisory Board, Professor Roger King; and UKCBC Principal, June Dennis.

Speeches made throughout the opening ceremony touched on the college’s success, the changing face of education, and the future prospects and goals for UKCBC. The principal of the college and event host, June Dennis, commented, “The opening ceremony was the result of great teamwork from staff from across the institution, and was a great opportunity to showcase the new facilities to staff and external guests alike.”

The brand new campus will give more students the opportunity to experience the quality education provided by UKCBC, whilst allowing the college to develop exciting new partnerships in the city that benefit the student community; “Having a Central London campus is a huge step forward for us as it will enable us to attract a wider range of students and engage with the business community more readily,” said Ms Dennis.

The inauguration was capped by an impassioned speech from Deputy Mayor Rajesh Agrawal regarding the great impact institutions like UKCBC have on national and international students. Ms Dennis told us, “Rajesh Agrawal’s talk was inspirational and shows how having the right education with the right entrepreneurial spirit can open doors for our students.” The clear message from the event was that students remain firmly at the heart of every decision taken at UKCBC.

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