The National Student Survey (NSS) is a yearly survey completed by final year undergraduate students. The NSS was established in 2005 and has been conducted every year since its inception. The NSS was conceived by the Higher Education Funding Council for England and has since been taken over the Office for Students (OfS). In the survey, students are asked a series of questions regarding the quality of the education at their higher education provider, and the survey is usually completed early in the year, with results published in August. 

The NSS provides an important resource for students who are selecting an HE provider for their studies. Categories covered in the survey include subject engagement, academic support and the learning community. As well as highlighting where institutions have performed well, the NSS also helps institutions understand where additional work is needed to ensure students get the best possible education and experience while in higher education. 

2018 marks UKCBC’s second foray into the National Student Survey and the College is happy to announce that it has had another fantastic year. The results, released to the public today, show that UKCBC students are thrilled with the College and the course on which they are enrolled. UKCBC scored above the average by both region and sector in every judgement category. Some noteworthy statistics from this year’s NSS results are listed below:  

  • Student course satisfaction: UKCBC – 96% (sector average – 84%, region average – 84%)  
  • The ability of the staff to engage students on the subject: UKCBC – 96% (sector average 82%, region average 82%)  
  • Overall satisfaction of students: UKCBC 96% (sector average 83%, region average 83%)  

Director of Studies, Jonathan Sandling, said:  

“We are very pleased to have achieved an overall satisfaction score of 96% in our recent NSS results. The whole UKCBC team works tirelessly to ensure the student experience is the best it can be for all students, and positive feedback such as this is a testament to their hard work and dedication. It is not only overall satisfaction where UKCBC has seen an improvement; we have also exceeded both regional and sector benchmarks in every single area of the survey. Such positive feedback from students provides a solid platform for UKCBC to build upon in the future as we strive to continuously enhance the student experience.” 

Be sure to check out the full NSS results for more information.  

Interested in studying at an HE provider in which over nine of ten students are satisfied with their course? Contact UKCBC today to find out more about the courses on offer or check our events page to find out when our next open day will be. 

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