Stop Using Social Media when Studying…

Social media is now part of everyone’s lives. Even those who haven’t joined yet have probably been involved in conversations regarding the content or posts about someone who is.

With most companies having their own social media pages, it’s now one of the most popular ways to interact not only with friends and family but also with businesses and customers. It is undeniably part of 21st century life, but with so many ways to access it, is social media a distraction when studying?

Social Media Can Lower Our Study Productivity

Research suggests that interruptions by social technology can lower productivity levels. Some studies have even suggested that we are so addicted to our next social media fix that it can be just minutes between each interruption.

When you need to concentrate (especially at assignment writing), it’s easy for the mind to look for ways to have a break and with so many distractions at hand, it can have a negative effect on your studies. With that in mind, try to consider the following:

  • It takes time to re-immerse yourself into the topic you are meant to be focusing on. When constantly distracted, essays will take so much longer than necessary.


  • Your grades may go down because of concentration loss when completing essays and revision.


  • Constantly having to switch your attention between items can lead to increased tiredness.


  • Retaining information will get harder – information learnt when distracted is more easily forgotten.


How to Regain and Retain Focus

How are you meant to focus when your smartphone, tablet and social media pages require such constant attention? Here are some techniques to regain focus:

  • Find a quiet, comfortable place to study. Going to the library can help as you may feel less comfortable going onto social media at such regular intervals. Or even better, turn off your devices or leave them at home to avoid the frequent urge to glance at Facebook or scroll through Twitter.


  • Set up your social media sites to send you an email if you have any new notifications. This will reduce the temptation to go on to the site and get distracted.


  • Plan your time according to when you know there will be more assignments. If you know most of your friends are online in the evening, then concentrate on getting your studies done in the day and allow yourself time in the evening to catch up on what’s happening.


  • Review the right social media sites for you. Is it necessary to use every social media site? Look at what you get out of each one and if it’s just a fad then get rid of it.


  • If you have an important deadline or studying to do, write out a plan and stick to it! That way you’ll focus on the task at hand and can switch off from social media whilst you get the job done.


  • If all else fails, hide your devices away, they are a lot harder to go on if not at arm’s reach.


With our social media fix just one touch away, smartphones and tablets have made gaining access easier than ever. It’s therefore important to recognise that if you’re getting too distracted changes are required, so as not to disrupt your studies.

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