By Jack Crisp (Academic Support, UKCBC) 

UKCBC organises a series of events and sessions exclusively for our currently enrolled students during ‘Enrichment Week’. This May 2018 we have over 30 events and sessions happening throughout all our campuses in London covering a wide variety of enriching topics such as resilience building, employability skills and using creative skills for role model success, to name just a few. 

We have a line-up of speakers with an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience coming in to present to our students, all with the aim to develop, enhance and prepare students for their careers and life after study. We hope that the concept of Enrichment Week will not just be of great benefit to all participants that take part but will be a life-changing experience that they can take away with them after their studies. 

Personal and professional growth comes from our self-motivation to learn new things, and from the acknowledgement that we are all responsible for our own learning and development. Taking up opportunities of self-development enriches our minds in multiple ways and enhances our ability to cope with change. An ability made more important in a modern, fast-paced, always unpredictable and ever-changing world. 

According to Professor Kristján Kristjánsson from the School of Education, University of Birmingham, all education is about change. Learning changes our patterns of knowing, feeling, conceptualising and perceiving. It should therefore not be understated how participating in what may be perceived as a simple two-hour educational session has the potential to truly transform us. Without personal and professional growth, we remain stagnant and run the risk of being left behind. 

We also tend to measure wealth through financial terms rather than through experience and knowledge. Of course, having money is important particularly for paying bills and maintaining a certain quality of life but we forget that the more we live and learn the richer and wealthier we become.  Enrichment earns us a bright and positive future. 

This is even more reason why we organise and offer UKCBC students the opportunity to take part in Enrichment Week.  

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Session registration is available through UGrow on the ULearn dashboard. Timetable details are available on the ‘Enrichment Week’ page of UGrow. Please contact academic support or your campus office if you would like more information.

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