BTEC Level 5 HND Courses in London

This programme is offered by New City College (NCC) in partnership with UKCBC. Students are expected to fulfil all the admission requirements prescribed by NCC, and admissions are subject to final approval by NCC. Students are expected to adhere to the relevant rules and regulations of NCC, in addition to the regulations of UKCBC.

Each subject is learned through the practical application of skills in an environment with supportive and friendly staff and students.

Our commitment is to give you the best learning experience possible by supporting you throughout your studies. Additionally, we provide professional development classes with each BTEC Level 5 HND to help prepare students for life after graduation.

Whether you’re just starting your professional journey and have little or no experience or you’re in need of a formal qualification to back up your professional experience, we offer a range of HND courses in London to accommodate your needs.

Should you have any further queries, please contact our student advisory team today at to discuss your options; one of our friendly advisors will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have.

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Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND in Business Management
Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND in Computing
Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in International Travel and Tourism Management

Why Study one of UKCBC’s BTEC Level 5 HNDs in London?

Studying with UKCBC is so much more than gaining a qualification; by choosing one of UKCBC’s BTEC Higher National Diploma courses in London, you’ll learn the practical skills necessary to progress professionally. Additionally, by choosing UKCBC, you’ll have access to our comprehensive network of academic and professional support staff. Ready to take your first step towards professional success? UKCBC can offer you:

• Dedicated and experienced HND tutors and staff
• Flexible study options – BTEC Higher National Diploma courses in London – evening courses, day courses and weekend tutoring available
• Clear, affordable prices
• A comprehensive support network of students and professionals
• HND courses tailored to match your experience and knowledge
• A friendly, relaxed study environment

For any questions relating to an HND course at UKCBC, contact

Please note you must be aged 18+ to study these courses.

Under our collaborative partnership with New City College (NCC), each successful applicant will be officially registered as an NCC student. Students will have access to all teaching, learning and support facilities offered by UKCBC at all its campuses. In addition, students registered as NCC students will additionally have the benefits of access to NCC learning and recreation facilities at NCC’s Redbridge Campus. Please contact our course advisers for any additional information or clarifications if necessary.

UKCBC is currently not offering any direct admissions to students on HND programmes other than through the NCC partnership.

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