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1. Where …. from?

2. I have two …. , a boy and a girl.

3. …. four people in my family.

4. I usually go to work …. bus.

5. …. were you yesterday evening when I called?

6. Would you …. with me tomorrow?

7. …. you ever owned a Rolls Royce?

8. A: Where was Jack at twelve o’clock yesterday?
B: At home. He …. TV with me.

9. A: John has finished his homework already.
B: Yes, I know. He writes very ….

10. I like this flat but the …. is very expensive.

11. Excuse me, can you tell me how I can …. to the train station?

12. You …. go home if you are not feeling well.

13. A: Has Sarah finished the report yet?
B: No, she …. it tomorrow?

14. A: Who in your family do you look …. ?
B: I don’t know. A mix of my mother and father, I think.

15. A: Do you like dogs?
B: Not really, I’m a little afraid …. them.

16. A: Do you like sad films?
B: Yes, I always …. upset when someone dies.

17. A: Is the restaurant very formal?
B: No, you …. wear a tie.

18. A: John and Bill are always arguing.
B: Yes, they don’t …. at all well.

19. A: I really like Stilton cheese. It’s really tasty.
B: Yuk! That’s not for me. I’d …. have nothing.

20. A: I ‘m so tired. I haven’t been to bed before midnight all week.
B: It sounds like you need to …. some sleep.

21. If you need to …. money from me, ask me anytime.

22. Approximately, a billion cans of Coca-Cola …. around the world today.

23. Julia’s not here. She …. to visit her cousin and will be back at the weekend.

24. Can we meet on Friday? …. time is fine by me.

25. When my brother was a child, he …. to play with the neighbours’ children.

26. I …. flowers in the garden when I saw that beautiful bird perched on the bench.

27. Sarah’s …. come back from Italy and she said what a beautiful country it is.

28. A: I’m still quite new. I …. doing this job for long.
B: Really! Are you enjoying it?

29. A: Do the police know who did it?
B: Yes. The burglar …. yesterday.

30. A: I really like watching soap operas on TV.
B: …. My favourite is “Eastenders”.

31. A: My parents never …. out late. We had to be home by nine.
B: That seems very strict.

32. A: Do you think Billy broke that vase?
B: No. He wasn’t here so it …. him.

33. A: I have just bought a Spanish dictionary. It’s great!
B: That’s good! It’s very useful for …. new words.

34. A: Our family …. wine for five generations.
B: That’s a long time.

35. A: By this time next year I …. on a beach in the Bahamas.
B: Lovely! I wish I could come too.

36. A: Your flat looks lovely.
B: Thank you. I’ve just ….

37. Scientists are …. a technology that uses both speech-recognition software and special sensors to figure out how the user is feeling.

38. I accused him of stealing my wallet, but he …. it.

39. Bad luck has …. me all of my life.

40. Support your fellow students and become a …. member of the student community.