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Are you having issues passing a particular AAT module? Don’t let one exam stop you from becoming a certified accountant. At UKCBC, we offer modular study for AAT level 2 (Foundation Certificate in Accounting), AAT level 3 (Advanced Diploma in Accounting), and AAT level 4 (Professional Diploma in Accounting).

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AAT LevelLevel 2 (Foundation Certificate in Accounting)Level 3 (Advanced Diploma in Accounting) Level 4 (Professional Diploma in Accounting)
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Popular AAT Modules at UKCBC

Below we outline some of the most popular modules students study at UKCBC.

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Level 2 – The Foundation Certificate in Accounting

Bookkeeping Transactions

Go down the accounting rabbit hole further with the A.L.I.C.E method by studying Bookkeeping Transactions. A foundation of accounting, this module introduces you to double-entry bookkeeping and the relevant supporting documents needed for accurate bookkeeping. If you still lack confidence with entry, identifying discrepancies in the sales ledger, or invoicing, you might want to sit the Bookkeeping Transactions module again.

A number of students have struggled with this fundamental element of accounting, but after resitting and gaining confidence, they went on to excel in their AAT studies and subsequent accounting careers.

Bookkeeping Controls

Building on the knowledge gained from Bookkeeping Transactions, Bookkeeping Controls develops your understanding of the connections between different accounting records, as well as revising double-entry bookkeeping. This unit provides another vital foundation for more advanced accounting practices.

Bookkeeping Controls is a mandatory unit of the Foundation Certificate in Accounting. Those looking to gain AAT certification will need to pass this module.

Level 3 – The Advanced Diploma in Accounting

Advanced Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping at level 3 looks at accounting methods for non-current assets, as well as end-of-year adjustments (accruals, depreciation etc.), and preparing an extended trial balance. The Advanced Bookkeeping module builds on the knowledge gained from the two modules mentioned above. In this module, you’ll be tasked with understanding and explaining why certain procedures are followed, rather than simply knowing that they have to be followed.

The advanced bookkeeping module will also introduce ethics in accounting in the context of bookkeeping. The module is mandatory for those looking to complete the Advanced Diploma in Accounting (level 3) and provides excellent prep for the Final Accounts Preparation unit.

Final Accounts Preparation

A great choice for sole traders (and those looking to complete their Advanced Diploma in Accounting) – the Final Accounts Preparation unit teaches you the skills you’ll need to draft accounts for small businesses. In this module, you’ll learn about the regulations governing final accounts, as well as how to report information accurately while remaining aware of the possible ethical issues of such reports.

Final Accounts Preparation is a somewhat legislation and regulation-heavy module; those more comfortable with the practical aspects of accounting may find this module uniquely challenging, which is why it may be beneficial to study the module independently at your own speed.

Level 4 – Professional Diploma in Accounting

Management Accounting: Budgeting

The Professional Diploma in Accounting introduces and develops the skills senior accounting staff need for planning, coordinating and authorising organisational costs. The Management Accounting: Budgeting module focuses on statistical analysis and making managerial decisions regarding budgets and cost approval.

As with other level 4 units, the module emphasises business awareness, measuring performance, forecasting and planning. The unit is mandatory and, therefore, must be passed if you’re looking to achieve certification in the Professional Diploma in Accounting.

Management Accounting: Controls and Decisions

Well renowned for its difficulty, the Management Accounting: Decision and Control unit is one of the most popular modules to resit. Being mandatory, you’ll need to pass this if you want to achieve the AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting.

The Management Accounting: Controls and Decisions unit prepares students for liaising with senior members of staff for budget preparations, reporting financial performance and creating financial key performance indicators for businesses. Students will learn theoretical principles and how they apply to planning and decision making in a professional setting.

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