The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) offers globally recognised accounting qualifications at beginner, advanced and professional levels. Whether you’re just starting your professional journey or refining your accounting skills, at the UK College of Business and Computing, we have an AAT course that suits your needs. Let’s look in more detail at the AAT entry-level qualification – UKCBC’s AAT Foundation Certificate in London (AAT level 2 course).

AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting – Level 2 (601/6552/2)

The AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting – Level 2 is intended for those with little experience in the field of Accounting and Finance. With the help of our experienced tutors, you will achieve certification of the AAT Level 2 course and gain an understanding of the following accountancy topics:

  • Bookkeeping Transactions
  • Bookkeeping Controls
  • Elements of Costing
  • Work Effectively in Finance
  • Using Accountancy Software


Part-Time Study

Existing commitments often take precedence over attending the AAT Level 2 course. To combat this potential issue, we have devised several part-time study schedules to ensure that UKCBC’s AAT Foundation Certificate in London is as widely available as possible.

If you choose to study AAT at UKCBC, you’ll have access to experienced tutors, an extensive support network and a friendly learning environment. Get in touch with a UKCBC course advisor today to learn more about UKCBC’s AAT Level 2 qualification.

This course is available at the following campuses:Apply Now
Wentworth House
Holborn Campus
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