Get Better at Job Hunting by Avoiding these Bad Habits…

The first step of entering work life after studies is to find a role for you. Job hunting can seem daunting at first but once you start, it gets easier along the way. When looking at accountancy careers, it’s important not to slip into bad job hunting habits which so many fall into. Here are just some of those must-avoid bad habits.

Limiting Your Search

Whilst important to keep in mind what your ideal role is, it’s important not to limit your search. Branch out a bit and you may just land yourself on a path to your dream role. Common ways job hunters limit their searches are:

  • Sticking to one location
  • Only looking at certain types of company
  • Only looking in one industry
  • Looking in one place for possible jobs e.g. just one website

Favouring Quantity Over Quality

It’s easy just to bombard as many places as possible with your CV and apply for everything you can with the hope that you’ll win the numbers game and get something eventually. Too often job hunters make this mistake, which can then lead to taking the first job offered. Try looking for a certain number of suitable roles or companies and spend time tailoring your CV and letter to that job. You’ll stand a much better chance of standing out from the crowd and hopefully find a better match.

Getting Distracted

Job hunting isn’t necessarily the most exciting of tasks. Some of the worst habits job hunters have, include:

  • Not dedicating a minimum amount of time aside to job hunt – it’s a more time consuming process than you would expect
  • Doing it in the wrong environment – take yourself away from distractions and just focus on the task in hand
  • Getting distracted by texts/social media/games/internet whilst trying to job hunt – more distractions lead to longer job hunting time so get the task done and then you can relax! Set yourself targets and a time limit each day to really focus your efforts.
  • Not allocating breaks – schedule these in and you will have more control over the things that are distracting you

Failing to Prepare

As the saying goes, “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” When the all important interview offer comes through, it can be easy to think that this means you have a foot in the door, and you can breeze your way through the interview. Unfortunately, those who don’t prepare can end up looking a little silly come interview time, especially when asked the common question of “So, tell me what you know about our company”. It’s much better to feel confident going into your interview, so you can be prepared for any questions that may come up, how your strengths and experience relates to the role you are applying for and that you have done some research about the company. Too many people fail at this stage due to lack of preparation and a lack of understanding about the role and company.

When job hunting, it’s important to keep going and remain positive about finding a suitable role. Avoiding bad job hunting habits will help you stay focused, so avoid wasting your energy and help yourself to stand out from the crowd. There are plenty of careers out there, you just need to give yourself the best chance of finding the right one for you!

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