What Opportunities Can an Accountancy Qualification Lead To?

Accountancy is a well-respected, well-rewarded career that offers excellent prospects. But that’s not all there is to it. It’s a very challenging and diverse career, drawing on a wide variety of skills as well as mathematical abilities and technical knowledge, and one which involves a lot of interaction with people. And, from taking a grateful individual through their tax return to helping a business reduce its impact on the environment, it’s a career in which you know you’ll be making a positive difference to people and society.


Accountancy does, of course, require excellence in maths and the ability to understand complicated financial, legal and arithmetical concepts. But just as important are your people skills: problem-solving, teamwork, communication and a genuine desire to help others. You need to be able to think quickly, assimilate information rapidly and ask the right questions; you also need to be able to convey complex information in a jargon-free manner that others can understand.

Choosing Where to Work

One of the great things about accountancy is that you can work in whatever type of organisation you choose, as accountants are in demand in every sector. You can work as part of a practice and even set up your own company. Or you can work in-house with a large firm or a small family-run business, or in the public or charity sector. And you can choose to work in general practice or to specialise in an area that interests you, such as auditing, tax, corporate finance or forensic accounting (detecting and preventing fraud). If you want them, there will be opportunities to work part-time, take career breaks or work overseas.

Job Satisfaction

Maybe you’ll specialise in insolvency and give a business the make-or-break help it needs to get through a tough period. Maybe you’ll work in environmental accounting, helping businesses to be more ecologically friendly. Maybe you’ll work in the health service or with a council, making sure money is used in the best way possible to provide a good service to the taxpayer. There are enormous opportunities for job satisfaction in accountancy. For many accountants, the contact with people and the knowledge that they are using their skills to give something back are just some of the best things about their job.

Types of Jobs in the Accounting Sector…

Here are just some of the positions you could fulfil with an accountancy qualification…

Using your knowledge of business, economics and statistics to advise on financial risks, usually in pensions, insurance or banking.

Chartered Accountant:
Using your expertise to help people and organisations manage their finances and consequently, in the case of businesses, their overall strategy. Responsibilities include compiling financial reports, auditing financial reports, investigating anomalies, producing budget plans and forecasts, managing budgets, advising on tax and much more.

Corporate Investment Banker:
Advising companies, organisations and governments on finance; assessing and negotiating deals and managing financial matters from mergers and acquisitions to loans

Financial Advisor:
Giving clients advice on financial matters, products and services and how to best use their money; often specialising in areas such as mortgage or investments.

Financial Manager:
Financial managers help clients and colleagues make good business decisions, plan and stick to budgets and comply with the laws on finance in both the public and the private sector.

Tax Advisor:
Using your knowledge of tax to advise clients, explaining tax to them and ensuring they pay the correct tax and benefit from any exemptions or reliefs.

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