The Best Food for Effective Study…

We all know how important it is to keep our organs healthy. It’s not just your heart and lungs that need some attention – your brain is an organ like any other and should be treated just as attentively. Eating well isn’t just about physical but also mental health. What we eat affects our memory, energy and stress levels.

Why Is a Healthy Diet Important for Brain Function?

While the brain only requires glucose to keep its engine running, this isn’t an excuse to gorge on sugary snacks. Frequent sugary snacks can reduce our brain power. The brain also uses other nutrients to run to its optimum level. Brain cells can regenerate rather than die, and this is largely determined by exercise and the food we eat, so eat better and reap the rewards.

How Health Food Can Improve Your Ability to Study

What you eat is important for our daily concentration levels which will, of course, affect how well you study. Because the brain is constantly working, it needs a steady supply of energy in adequate doses throughout the day.

15 Brain-Boosting Foods

  • Broccoli: This superfood can improve cognitive ability and is also rich in nutrients which help blood flow
  • Tomatoes: Can improve mood balance and contains an antioxidant that helps fights dementia
  • Blueberries: Full of antioxidants, these berries not only protect the brain from premature ageing and dementia but can also improve memory, learning and mental reasoning abilities
  • Seeds: Pumpkin seeds enhance our memory, sunflower seeds can help boost your mood, and chia seeds can help control blood glucose levels
  • Nuts; A great source of Vitamin E, nuts can help prevent cognitive decline. Almonds and cashews can also improve your mood
  • Avocado; This great source of omega 3 can aid the absorption of antioxidants. They also contain vitamin K and potassium which can reduce the risks associated with strokes
  • Dark Chocolate; Full of flavonoids that boost your memory and keep your cognitive function sharp; who said chocolate wasn’t good for you?
  • Oily Fish; These great sources of EPA and DHA can help enhance your memory and reduce depression. Oily fish includes salmon, sardines and mackerel
  • Lentils; Full of vitamins, lentils can help to keep your brain focused and boost your energy levels
  • Mint; Fresh mint can help you feel more alert and increase your memory
  • Whole Grains; Whole grains such as brown cereals, granary bread and whole grain pasta release glucose slowly, giving your brain a steady supply of energy
  • Spinach; Full of nutrients preventing dementia, cancer cell growth and the effects of aging on the brain
  • Quinoa; Full of slow releasing complex carbohydrates that feed your brain energy throughout the day
  • Ginger; Can help increase sharpness and ability to focus
  • Herbs; Various herbs including sage and rosemary can improve your memory and boost energy

There are plenty of energy boosting foods out there, but these are just some that might give you a taste of how to increase brainpower, which will in turn help you to study. Give them a try! Exercising is also a great way to boost and make you study more effectively. Why not combine healthy eating with regular exercise for 1 week and see how much better you feel at the end of it!

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