A Guide to Helping You Improve your Study Efficiency…

The courses available from UKCBC have been devised to offer our students a range of opportunities to help improve your academic achievements as well as progress professionally. Regardless of your academic background, we have courses to suit all abilities and help you to overcome your limitations.

We’re aware that students who join programmes at the UKCBC, may well have been out of the education system for some time, and therefore may require additional support in getting back to study.

As such, here we have a few helpful tips to help ease you back into a learning environment and onto the path to academic success…

Time management

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that spending hour after hour is a good way to become competent in your studies. Research has proven, however, that the quality of study far outweighs the quantity. As such, you should look to schedule your study periods around times when you’re most productive. It could be that you’re better equipped to learn first thing in the morning when your mind is fresh, or perhaps you prefer some time to wake up before hitting the books. Regardless of your preference, setting aside quality time will prove effective to your studies.

Set your goals

Establishing targets and objectives is fundamental in any discipline, none more so than study. By giving yourself small, achievable goals, you can reward yourself upon completion – all of which will help with motivation and a sense of achievement. Lots of small victories ultimately lead to a greater overall success, so be realistic in the targets you set and you’ll soon reap the rewards.


Finding a working environment that is conducive to effective study cannot be overstated. By being able to limit distractions, you will be able to better concentrate and focus on the work in front of you. Try to avoid studying in noisy areas, and limit use of such distractions as social media channels when you have work to do.

Seek help

Pride is a funny thing. As admirable a personality trait as it may be, it can also prove to be our downfall. If you find yourself at a stage in your study where it’s proving slow to progress, seek the advice of others. Lectures, peers, and even friends and family can often support you in your work and help you to see problems from a fresh perspective. Seeking help is not an admission of failure but another means to better yourself, so never hesitate to ask when you’re not certain.


The temptation to take a break and treat yourself to a weekend off or a night out when you have work to do is appealing to us all, and there’s certainly no harm in rewarding yourself once you’ve earned it. Just make sure that any breaks are truly deserved and you don’t lose focus on your studies. If it means isolating yourself on occasions from those around you, explain the situation and they will undoubtedly understand.

In brief, the following steps are all equally important stages of your study; time, target, focus, support and discipline. For aspiring students looking to study at UKCBC, please take a look at our course page for further information about the courses we provide.

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