Course Applications and Availability at UKCBC for UK/EU Students

UKCBC understands the importance of academic opportunities and strives to provide this within a vibrant campus life, to give students the best possible start to their career. We offer a range of courses at UKCBC in subjects such as Accounting, Business, Computing, Travel and Tourism, and Health and Social Care.

We have three intakes per year: February, April/May and September. Our Admissions Department manages the intake for each new entry, in line with the Academic Team.

UKCBC has a strong academic team who engage with students to ensure the best outcomes. The college prides itself on its vibrant learning environment for all students.

Step 1: Create a username to register as an applicant, this can be your email address.

Step 2: Complete the application form by providing all the relevant information required. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Step 3: Upload the following documents:
  • Recent passport-sized photograph
  • Proof of ID; Copy of Passport/Nationality Identity Card. If the student does not have either of these documents, they must submit a Birth Certificate (if born in the UK)
  • Qualification documents (English translation required if the certificate(s) and the transcript(s) are in the native language)
  • Work experience letter or reference from an employer (if applying as a mature student)
  • Proof of address

Step 4: You can apply online here

Academic Qualification:

Students will be awarded a place on their desired course after their academic qualifications have been checked on the basis of the set eligibility criteria, determined by the relevant awarding body. Students are required to provide the details of their academic history in the application form and upload copies of all relevant qualifications.

Assessment Test:

Applicants will be required to undertake an online assessment test on campus prior to interview. Assessment tests are free for the first attempt, which is followed by an interview. During the interview potential students are required to produce all the documents as per the Admission Checklist. Applicants are required to make a payment for assessment re-bookings (please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information).

Applicants are required to be present in the test centre 15 minutes prior to the test. If they are 10-15 minutes late for their respective slot, they may still be accepted, dependent on the circumstances. However, further lateness will be charged as per the Terms & Conditions.

Offer of a Place:

Students who fulfil the above mentioned criteria will be issued with a conditional offer letter; and after the payment of their course fees, will be offered an unconditional place that leads to the enrolment on the selected course.

The tuition fees are payable by bank draft or the payment can be made to our bank account (details in the offer letter). If students are financially supported by any public funding bodies, or any other sponsorships, confirmation from the relevant body is required for the unconditional offer and enrolment.

Appeals Against Rejection of an Admission:

If you consider that you meet the entry criteria and were not offered a place, you are entitled to make an appeal. However, your appeal is subject to the regulations as explained in the Admission Appeals Procedure. For more information, see our Admission Appeals Procedure here.

Financial Support:

We provide interest-free budget payment facilities to our students who are unable to pay the cost of the fees upfront. Students can call us on 020 8518 4994 to discuss this further with our finance team. There will not be any upfront cost for students who are applying for funding from the Student Loans Company (SLC).

The SLC helps UK/EU students financially to enhance their career through higher education, depending on their personal circumstances.

UKCBC supports students who face financial hardships while studying through our Student Support Loan Scheme.
For more details about financial support, please visit Financial Support Information.

Terms & Conditions:

1. The application will be assessed as per the eligibility criteria set forth by the course awarding body and also the college
2. The applicants are required to take an assessment test as an initial process
3. Valid ID proof (passport/nationality identity card/full UK driving licence) and a recent passport-sized photograph are mandatory to take for the test
4. Applicants who pass the test will be called in for a detailed interview
5. Applicants are required to submit all required documents (as per the checklist) before or during an interview
6. If any document is not submitted within the stipulated time period, the application will not be processed further
7. Successful applicants will be provided with a conditional place
8. The unconditional place will be offered upon fulfilling the conditions specified
9. Applicants who are currently employed or have previous work experience, are required to submit proof of this
10. Students who are self-funding the course can pay the fees by bank draft or bank transfer (details will be explained in the conditional offer letter)
11. If the students are financially supported by any public funding bodies, or any other sponsorship, confirmation from the relevant body is required for an unconditional place in the college
12. No letters will be provided until the above clauses (10 and 11) are met
13. The college reserves the right, at any time to make changes that may be deemed necessary in admission requirements, this includes: tuition fees, policies and procedures and academic programmes, prior to the start of any course
14. If it is discovered that a false statement has been made or significant information has not been provided within the student’s application form, the college reserves the right to withdraw or amend its offer, or terminate the student’s registration with the college
15. The college reserves the right to cancel any course if the minimum number of students is not reached.
16. The students are required to attend a minimum of 15-21 hours of lectures per week
17. Attendance is mandatory and candidates failing to achieve the required attendance threshold may be expelled from the course and the college
18. If the students are supported by any public funding bodies, or through any sponsorship, the respective body will be notified about the expulsion
19. If the students are guilty of any sort of unacceptable behaviour towards other students or towards the teaching and non-teaching staff, they will be dismissed from the college
20. The college is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage of student property. Students are advised to keep their possessions in a safe place and insure their property against risks.
21. If a student pays via instalments, the college will set up a monthly instalment plan using FuturePay. The term, frequency and the amount will be agreed prior to the setup and will remain the same for the duration of the plan (unless agreed otherwise). If either party wants to make any changes to the plan they must give the other party a minimum of one month’s written notice. Either party can terminate the plan but before doing so must give a minimum of one month’s written notice, failure to do so may result in termination of admission.
22. Any refund of tuition fees and/or reduction in tuition fee liability is at the discretion of the college
23. All refunds will be made only to the bank account holder that originally paid the fee. Refunds are not made in cash.
24. No fees will be refunded if the candidate is expelled by the college
25. Where a student undertakes an approved temporary suspension of their studies, tuition fees already paid will not normally be refunded, but retained until studies are resumed or permanent withdrawal occurs. Students who suspend their studies remain liable to pay any outstanding fees which may be due at the point of suspension.
26. If any student withdraws from the course after registration, the student must pay the fee for the time they studied with the college and for the current academic year for which they are registered. The decision whether to refund and the amount to be refunded depends on the circumstances of the withdrawal. If the students are supported by any public funding bodies, or if they are under any other sponsorships, the college has the right to claim the fees from the relevant body for that particular term or for that academic year depending upon the time the student studied with the college.
27. The college believes in equal opportunity and no discrimination is encouraged on the basis of age, gender, disabilities, religious or political beliefs, or any other unique or individual qualities
28. Before enrolling with the college, students are required to familiarise themselves with the terms and conditions, policies and procedures, including the attendance policy, disciplinary policy and further policies and procedures mentioned above
29. Students are also required to understand the following policies: data protection; college policy on fraud; attendance and punctuality policy; and our disciplinary procedure

Data Protection:

The data collected from the student visa application form will only be used for the purpose of administration within the college and will not be disclosed to any third party, except within the terms of the Data Protection Act
UKCBC collects, stores and processes personal data about students for the purpose of administering and managing the educational programme and all other services provided by the college; and will continue to hold data, including details of academic achievements, when students leave. The information may be disclosed to government institutions and educational organisations, potential employers and other relevant organisations if it is necessary to fulfil legal obligations.

The information which you give will be used by the college for the following;
a) To produce a paper/electronic record of your registration form
b) To allow your application to be processed; to allow the institution to produce statistics (or)
c) To support other organisations to do so, provided the statistics that would identify you as an individual will not be published
The information will be kept securely, and will be kept no longer than necessary.

College Policies on Fraud:

If the college has a valid reason to believe that the student, or any person acting on behalf of the student, has provided false information, neglected to mention relevant information, made any misrepresentation and/or provided counterfeit or forged documents in respect of an application for a place at the college, the college has the full authority to cross verify the circumstance in all possible means.

If the college suspects that fraud may have taken place, it is required to cancel a student's application, withdraw any offer of a place and revoke the student’s status. Students may be required to provide further information or documentation as requested by the college, in relation to their application or student status.

If the college concludes that fraud has taken place, it is entitled to share information with appropriate external agencies, which will/may proceed with whatever further legal action is deemed necessary, depending on the respective situation

Attendance and Punctuality Policy:

- Student attendance is expected to be 100% for all timetabled activities
- Students are expected to be on time for all timetabled activities
- It is the responsibility of the students to ensure they are present for the full duration of the session in order to guarantee that their attendance is recorded accurately for that particular session
- Living a long distance from the college is not a valid reason for lateness (more details are displayed in all classrooms and lecture theatres, and available on request from the college reception)

Disciplinary Procedure:

The student disciplinary procedure will follow breaches of Attendance and Punctuality Policy in an attempt to address behavioural issues and prepare students for future employment (more details are available on request from the college reception).