Student Orientation at Our London & Essex Campuses

The main purpose of our student orientation programme is to ensure that new students have a smooth transition and integration into college life.

Such programmes provide a highly inclusive and welcoming experience, and also promotes discussion among new students, continuing students, and faculty & staff on the perceptions and expectations of the campus community. The orientation programmes can be indoor or outdoor and enable students to gain more knowledge about their academic experience at UKCBC. They can also use this opportunity to learn more about available student support services as well as other aspects of student affairs. This serves to reduce any anxiety about their new environment when it comes to the all important course start date.


Orientation Trips Across London

The college takes initiative in arranging orientation trips across London, by targeting special destinations that promote respect for the natural and human environment. This helps engage our community with their surroundings and also to raise awareness for important surrounding issues.

Orientation visits also give students the opportunity to discover more about their potential as a student, examine personal values and their opinions and beliefs. Such experiences encourage students to face challenges that reinforce and build self-confidence. This in turn paves the way to identifying communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills required by the students to accomplish their tasks and goals.

Visit our online Photo Gallery to see photos from some of our previous Orientation Visits!

Orientation could be a single-day or two-day event. We encourage our students to take part in orientation programmes. This will ease their minds, and enable them to get prepared to begin their life at UKCBC.

Orientation programmes include:

  • Campus Tour
  • Icebreakers and speed chatting
  • Introduction to all student support services
  • Outdoor trips for cultural awareness.