Our FREE Workshops for Professional Development of students

At UKCBC we provide Professional Development Workshops, at no extra charge, as part of our pre-course induction programme. This is in addition to our main accredited programmes. In these sessions students are able to strengthen their English language, academic and employability skills, as well as gain extra support in how to plan and write assignments for their main course of study.

We believe that professional development is essential to promote the standard of excellence we demand within our learning environment. We ensure to provide the needed support to equip them with such skills and standards to meet the performance expectations. We also endeavour to prepare students for the working environment. The Professional development sessions provide an opportunity to students to learn about improving their skills and standards, understand the business worldwide, and discovering more about the real challenges faced in the working environment.

The workshops enable students to share knowledge, expand skills and stimulate new thinking and ideas. It is expected that such opportunities enhance skills, effectiveness and help establish individualised targets, which get reflected in their career goals.

Topics Covered in our Professional Development Workshop:

  • Use of English with non-native speakers
  • Challenges in business communication
  • Global management and leadership
  • How to adapt to a new culture for effective personal and business interactions
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Business or organisational hierarchy
  • How to build practical skills for influencing others
  • How to address difficult managerial situations

In addition to the topics covered in the workshops, students are able to make their suggestions and contributions. The student representatives can interact with the course co-ordinators and tutors with reference to the topics of interest to be covered during development sessions.

The professional development team will give emphasis to such topics suggested by the students, evaluating outcomes and providing educational programmes based on the relevance of any areas of interest to the existing teaching plan.