London Travel – How to commute through the UK Capital

It’s no surprise that London represents one of the most important hubs for international and domestic travel. Wherever you plan on travelling to – or from – you can be assured that the city will provide the required services and transport links to support you.

Air Travel

With London Heathrow and London Gatwick representing two of the busiest airports in international travel, connecting with destinations around the globe is very convenient. Most of the world’s leading airlines all operate from London bases, with additional airports such as London Luton and London Stansted ensuring that there is no shortage of options when looking to head overseas. Similarly, domestic flights within the UK are also available, often costing you less than travel by alternative means, and all with London as the major point of departure.

Rail Travel

The British rail system is amongst the most practical transportation networks for getting you anywhere you choose to be. Routes to any destination in the country can begin from one of London’s many rail stations, while King’s Cross St Pancras even offers connections into Europe, with Eurostar services operating from its international station.

London Transport

Getting around London itself is almost effortless in its simplicity. With the London Underground and bus services transporting millions of travellers each and every day to points all across the city, there is a transport infrastructure in London that ensures you can get where you need to be in no time. In addition, taxi services operate around the clock, making travelling anywhere at any time very easy. Visit (, the Transport for London (known as TFL) website for more details on how to get around in London.

Studying in London couldn’t be easier

Living and studying in London really couldn’t be easier, as the commute to any destination within London is usually as quick and simple by a tube or bus ride. UKCBC campuses are located in North West London (Park Royal and Cricklewood), Oxford Street in central London, and East London towards Essex. All our campuses are located close to underground stops, offering easy commute to our college.