The Admission process of UKCBC is both competitive and selective as per the requirements of the awarding bodies, other regulatory bodies and the admissions policy of the college. It is the responsibility of the Admissions Office to ensure that the educational standards are met consistently and fairly.

Students will be denied admission at UKCBC if the Admissions team find that they are not suitable for the course chosen. Those who are denied admission and wish to appeal against the decision can make a formal appeal to the Admissions Office requesting the re-consideration of their application.

An appeal can be submitted under various circumstances; when students find that their academic credentials (scores and/or grades) have significantly changed, or some of their documents get lost, or if they believe that there was an error made in their application/initial assessment process.

The submission of the appeal can be made formally by sending the hard-copy appeal letter along with any relevant evidences that can support the application, or it can be submitted by email to

Submitting an Appeal

1) All appeals must be submitted within 7 working days from the notification of the application refusal.

2) Students are permitted to submit only one appeal per admission term.

3) The appeals submitted by hard-copy letter must bear the date and the signature of the student.

4) The appeal should be clear and concise pointing out the importance of something the student feels that the admissions team missed out while assessing the application initially.

5) The students can submit any relevant documents that they find as appropriate to support their application, but no additional evidences will be considered apart from those submitted in the initial application process.

6) If the student’s conduct with the college is non-satisfactory, the appeal will be refused automatically.

7) When an appeal is submitted, our Admissions Team will re-examine the student’s application file, appeal request and other supporting documents to review the initial decision.

8) The students may not need to meet any admissions staff after submitting the appeal or while the appeal is under process, unless being called for a meeting by the team.

9) Students will be notified of the decision/outcome of the appeal within 7 working days from the date of appeal.

10) There is no assurance that an appeal outcome will offer admission to UKCBC and therefore we recommend students be prepared to pursue other alternative educational options before and after the appeal.

11) If the appeal outcome is positive and it falls after the course commencement of the respective intake, the students will be moved onto the waiting list category, to be considered for the following intake.

12) All applicants will be notified of the appeals decision formally to their correspondence address specified in the appeal.