Unique Things to do in London When You’re Not Studying…

If during your time in the capital you’ve managed to exhaust all the major attractions and landmarks, then you’re doing exceptionally well. There is, however, plenty more to see and do when you’ve some free time away from studying; there is a multitude of events, activities, and unusual places to visit that will enrich your time in London. Take a look at some of our suggestions of what to see and do in London and experience more of this magnificent city.

Free Comedy

Pay a visit to the Theatre Royal Stratford East every Monday to enjoy its comedy sessions; this is London’s longest-running free comedy night and provides you with an opportunity to experience some free entertainment from talented comedians.

Wellcome Collection

For something genuinely unusual, a visit to the Wellcome Collection at 183 Euston Road offers an eye-opening experience. Run by medical research charity the Wellcome Trust, the gallery features a fascinating selection of medical implements from the ages as well as other curious collections. The collection is free to explore, so the chance to see grisly exhibits won’t cost you a penny.

Handwritten Lyrics

The British Library may be hugely acclaimed for many reasons, but its musical legacy is perhaps not one. Dropping by the library provides the opportunity to discover manuscripts and lyric sheets from some of history’s most revered musical talents. Look out for the works of the Beatles, with early drafts of ‘In My Life’ and ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ by John Lennon.

Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club

Music lovers should not miss out on a night at Ronnie Scott’s iconic jazz club in Soho. The acclaimed saxophonist opened the club way back in 1959 and has welcomed jazz legends such as Nina Simone and Miles Davis to perform. Enjoy a visit to this intimate setting, and look out for the jazz stars of tomorrow.

Novelty Automation

Have a penchant for the quirky and the kitsch? If so, a visit to Novelty Automation is certain to satisfy.  This eclectic selection of mechanical sculptures by Tim Hunkins offers something different to do on a day out. Turn up, purchase some tokens, and enjoy a new take on ‘end-of-the-pier’ fun.

Board Game Fun

If constant advertising, software updates, and failing batteries are getting to be too much when you’re trying to relax, why not head back to a simpler time when fun was had playing family board games? Board Game Cafe Draughts provides a magnificent selection of over 500 board games for you to enjoy. Head down with a few friends and enjoy an afternoon of traditional fun in London’s first board game cafe.


Safer than leaping from rooftop to rooftop, Oxygen Freejumping in North Acton gives you the chance to enjoy bounding across 150 indoor trampolines. Whether it’s as part of an exercise class or you plan on freestyling your way around the park, this is an activity that will release your inner child.

London really does offer an exceptional array of things to see and do, and our list of options represents just a fraction of the things you can experience. Whether it’s fun or culture you’re seeking, you’re certain to find an attraction that will meet your needs.

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