Studying in London involves far more than you may first think… It’s not just about selecting the right course; it’s about the lifestyle, the vibrancy, even the multiculturalism of the city – all of which play an integral role in your development as a student and, as a person. But there will come a time during your studies in the city when you need solitude and peace.

Simply being able to retreat from the hectic pace of life that dominates London will make all the difference to attaining greater levels of success in your study. Below, we take a look at a few quiet places in London perfect to help your study.

Open Parks in the City

Weather permitting, heading away from the busy high streets and iconic attractions to such wide, open parks at Hyde Park, Green Park and other parks, is a great way to enjoy some peace. Sit down with your books and study materials, and you will soon find yourself wiling away the hours immersed in your work without any outside distractions.

London Libraries and Museums

Did you know that the V&A National Art Library in South Kensington represents the ideal spot for some peaceful study in London? This bright and spacious library is a great spot to surround yourself with reference material that will ultimately inspire you with your work. Similarly, the magnificent Reading Room at the British Museum near Holborn has a rich history of welcoming students to immerse themselves in their work, with such noted visitors as Karl Marx and Oscar Wilde using the room as a peaceful retreat.


Like the museum libraries and reading rooms, some of London’s most renowned bookshops offer a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle. Head down to your local Waterstones, and you’re likely to find areas reserved for quiet reading. Take along your study materials – or even take advantage of those available in the shop – and you can look forward to being able to enjoy prolonged periods of study free from distraction.

Local Coffee Shops

Depending on the time of day, you may even find yourself heading down to a Starbucks or Costa Coffee to conduct your studies. Of course, studying at your local coffee shop has the added advantage of great coffee to hand (essential to any student), but beware that the hustle and bustle of lunchtime crowds could well prove disruptive.

Staying Home

Should none of the study options above suit, there is always the option of staying home. Creating a study space dedicated solely to your work is a great way to have somewhere to go to focus on your studies. Here you will be locked away from the world in peaceful solitude, with only your possessions on hand to distract you. Make sure you establish a solid routine, and your home study area may prove to be your favourite spot in the city.

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    Patricia Reply

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      Hi Patricia! I’m glad you liked the post and found it useful. Thank you for your feedback 🙂 Katy

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