Studying Around your Personal Commitments

UKCBC provides you with a learning environment that is fully responsive to your needs. As such, we ensure that our courses offer the flexibility required to support you in all ways possible. This is to ensure that you will not be constrained of any academic, personal or work related limitations that may otherwise affect you pursuing a course of study.

Flexibility is provided in terms of course timetables, as our class schedules provide a combination of morning and evening sessions as well as extra tutorial support for professional development. Our campuses across London offer an array of courses tailored to support your academic and professional development.

These courses offer a degree of flexibility in their structure to support all student circumstances. Whether you have work commitments or need to support family around your study, UKCBC aims to provide a solution through flexible learning options.

Part-Time Study

Many of our courses support part-time study options. Instead of dedicating yourself to a schedule with few breaks, you will be able to stagger your learning over a prolonged period. This enables you to learn at your own pace, and become fully confident in each module of your learning, yet having the freedom to pursue your other commitments.

Evening and Weekend Courses

Our evening and weekend study courses are ideal if you’re in full-time employment. The option enables you to pursue various qualifications without having to sacrifice any part of your employment. This option is both affordable and practical, offering evening and weekend courses, which have been developed to provide flexibility.

UKCBC works diligently to support your study needs. We endeavor to offer the needed flexibility across our courses, thereby enabling you to find an option that supports your circumstances in the best possible way.

Our commitment to helping you achieve your academic and professional goals has significantly contributed to the success of many of our students in recent years. This is something that we will continue to strive to do.