Career-Focused Qualifications

Higher education courses at UK College of Business and Computing (UKCBC) have been designed to provide a practical application to your professional future. With a variety of vocational qualifications available, the skills you learn will be transferable to real-life employment, enabling you to stand out amongst your peers.

Our vocational courses provide you with the skills necessary to enter a working environment with confidence and capability. UKCBC devises its course provision with a combined approach to fundamental knowledge and work-related skills. Professional development training is given to develop your interpersonal skills, coping mechanisms, and communication abilities to help enter your chosen career path successfully.

Student Enrichment

As part of our student enrichment programme, we’ve created UGrow – a resource zone to help support you throughout your time studying at UKCBC. We’ve also developed USucceed, our careers and professional development portal, through which you’ll be able to enhance your employability skills.

Work-Experience Based Learning

Many of our courses provide you with an opportunity to learn while working. This enables you to put the skills you have learnt into practice almost immediately.

Beat the Competition

Employers advertising job vacancies are receiving more applications than ever. So, it is important that you acquire a competitive advantage over other candidates applying for the position. The career-focused qualifications available from UKCBC ensure that you will gain knowledge and practical expertise. You may find that employers see you as a valuable commodity in your industry, and your chances of employment will increase accordingly.

The professional development training classes that we offer have the ability to make a real difference to your career prospects. By teaching you the skills and knowledge you need to get ahead in your professional life, we feel that you can look forward to enjoying a long and successful career in your chosen field.