Teaching Environment and Facilities at UKCBC in London and Essex

Our teaching staff at UKCBC are known for their innovative approaches in the classroom. The college facilities across the campuses are designed to meet the evolving needs of our students and are kept up-to-date with all the latest technology and contemporary facilities. We ensure that the faculties we provide support classroom teaching. Our mission is accomplished through a commitment to high quality customer service, and our staff members are trained to give both current and potential students the direction they need, when required.

All teaching rooms and tutorial rooms are equipped with:

  • At least one computer
  • An overhead projector (OHP)
  • Interactive white boards
  • Connections for laptops and other audio visual equipment
  • Presentation audio system

Our commitment to enhance the technology we provide has resulted in the installation of smart boards in the classroom, in addition to the existing facilities. These amenities provide our teaching staff and students with a high quality, modern teaching and learning environment. With the support of these facilities, the faculty members enhance the student experience, satisfaction and learning outcomes. The classroom resources allow our teaching staff to deliver tutorials and coordinate the practical work as well as group discussions, all in the same class.

The classrooms have flexible learning spaces to enhance effectiveness and student learning. The facility management team of the college regularly monitor classroom conditions, and provide upgrades, maintenance and repairs.

Our reinvestment initiative means an increase in the number of machines in each room, in addition to the existing lab facilities.