IT Facilities at UKCBC in London and Essex


We make a variety of IT facilities available to the students.

There are computer labs in all the campuses, equipped with:

  • High speed network connections
  • Scanners and printers.
  • Wireless service which enables students and the staff members to access the service at various locations within the College.

The IT labs are available for use by any student, employee or faculty member with a valid UKCBC ID except during scheduled class sessions. Students in the information technology programme have access to all the IT labs as well as the specialised lab located in the library. We also have the intranet facilities that enable the students to access their timetable, course materials, lecture notes, assignment briefs, progress of assignment submissions, registration with awarding bodies, exam registrations, attendance statistics, exam results, as well as receiving up to date information on College developments.

The IT Department provides a help desk service to all College members which includes the help and advice on all computing issues. Students can access the college Intranet from the college campus network or remotely from their homes via the internet. Printing services are available through a rechargeable card system at affordable prices to all UKCBC students.

The classroom are also designed to accommodate a variety of IT facilities. The equipment in the classroom usually includes computer and projection systems, DVD/CD players and audio systems. All classrooms have connections to high speed internet and fast access to campus network.

IT Policy

  • We maintain certain policies regarding the use and security of computers, networks and information resources.
  • All users are required to adhere to these policies.
  • In order to maintain the safety and cleanliness of the computer labs, all food and drinks are prohibited from all computer labs, and those who are not complying with this policy may be asked to leave the lab immediately.