IT Facilities at UKCBC in London and Essex

At UKCBC, we have a variety of IT facilities available to students.

There are computer labs in all the campuses, equipped with:

  • High speed network connections
  • Efficient scanners
  • High quality printers
  • Wireless service, enabling students and staff members to access the Internet at various locations around the college.

The IT labs are available for use by any student or employee with a valid UKCBC ID except during scheduled class sessions. Students in the information technology programme have access to all the IT labs. We also have e-learning facilities that enable students to access the following:

  • Timetable
  • Course materials
  • Lecture notes
  • Assignment briefs
  • Registration with awarding bodies
  • Exam registrations
  • Exam results
  • Notifications on College developments

The IT Department provides a help desk service to all College members which includes the help and advice on all computing issues. Students can access the college e-learning platform from the college campus network or remotely from their homes via the internet. Printing services are available through a rechargeable card system at affordable prices to all UKCBC students.

The classrooms are also designed to accommodate a variety of IT facilities. The equipment in the classrooms usually include computer and projection systems, DVD/CD players and audio systems. All classrooms have connections to high speed internet and fast access to the campus network.