If you’ve been searching for love over the last few years, you may have come across the dating app Bumble. Released in 2014, the location-based dating service became somewhat of a sensation for “changing the rules of the [dating] game”; on Bumble, women always initiate the conversation in heterosexual matches. 

Following such great success in the world of socialising and dating (Bumble has 20m users worldwide and those users spend more time on the app than rival, Tinder), the company announced plans to expand the ladies-first approach with a new networking app. Enter Bumble Bizz. 

Bumble Bizz 

Launched at the beginning of October this year, Bumble Bizz is a networking tool that’s designed to help women make professional connections. The idea is for users to connect with industry leaders, brands and potential mentors or business partners. Bizz is currently available in the UK, US, Canada, France and Germany and is available through the Bumble app when users switch modes. Bumble users need to update their Bumble app first through Google Play or the App store in order to access Bumble Bizz.  

Promoting the benefits of their new service, Bumble explain that “Switching to Bizz mode gives you the ability to change your professional life from the palm of your hand.” The company went on to state that “Every swipe is an opportunity to expand your network and make empowering career moves.” A two-way match on Bumble could lead to opportunities such as a new job or simply meeting people who work in the same industry. On Bizz, users are able to upload a CV, a skills profile and examples of their work. 

Online technology news publisher TechCrunch believe that, as Bizz is swipe-based, it will “lead to a lot more connections than on a platform like LinkedIn, where the need to request then approve a connection is a higher psychological barrier that just swiping right.” However, Tinder co-founder and Bumble founder, Whitney Wolfe stated recently that because it’s a location-based app, Bizz is not a direct competitor to LinkedIn. Wolfe explained that Bizz gives “you access to people right here, right now around you.”

The Bizz Approach 

Bumble Bizz’s spin on networking follows the same theme as Bumble – women make the first move on the app. For many women, the app offers a safe space to network online. According to Harper’s Bazaar, the app “holds a lot of promise” for the “multitudes of women who report being routinely harassed by men on popular job-hunting sites like LinkedIn.” 

Bizz appears to be part of a changing professional landscape for women, particularly in big cities like London. An article by the Evening Standard commented on how “A new wave of pop-ups and groups [are] providing a third space between work and play for London’s female professionals.” The news site emphasised how these arrangements are favoured by women who “thrive in less conventional meet-and-greet set-ups” in comparison to say, a confined area like a conference room.  

Gone are the days of solely handing out a business card. The networkers of today acknowledge the value of ‘getting stuck in’ and meeting and learning from others. That’s why these working professionals will, if needed, go out of their way to find a way to network which suits them. 

Why Network? 

Most of the time, networking is free – you can download networking apps easily, and if you go to the right events, you’re sure to find them full of people who you can work with or learn from. Here’s five speedy reasons why you should start networking today:  

  1. New ideas: A network can supply you with a source of new perspectives and ideas to help you in your career 
  2. Build relationships: Networking can help you engage with your current contacts and create new ones 
  3. Discover new opportunities: You may just find someone who can put you forward for that dream job 
  4. Keep with the times: Depending on the market, business networking can be one of the first and enduring ways business owners grow their business. The employees of today need to be open to meeting new people, as they may be asked to network as part of their job role.  
  5. Raise your profile: Attending regular professional and social networking events can help get your face and name known in your industry     

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