Have I chosen the right career path?

Asking ourselves whether our chosen career path is the right career path is a common question. No matter on your chosen occupation, your job can be taxing at times, and this is usually when we begin to question whether we made the right choice. The element of uncertainly keeps us on our toes, but always leads us to seek reassurance.

Compare the advantages and disadvantages

The best thing to do if you find yourself in a position such as this, it to compare all the advantages and disadvantages to the role in question, in this case accountancy. For instance, for beauty therapists, an advantage might be the communicative level of building a rapport with your clients. A disadvantage might be having to work late to accommodate clients who require evening appointments.

It’s never easy to be 100% certain with any decision when it’s about your career, however the more research you undertake and the more you’re able to discuss your reservations with others, the clearer your mind will become.

If you have any unanswered question and you’re unsure of how to gain the answers you require, consider contacting a professional within the industry to get your much-needed answers. LinkedIn is a great digital platform and will enable you to gain contact with professionals within your chosen field, so why not give it a try?

Helpful points to consider

When it comes to the career of accounting, and understanding whether it’s the right career for you, we suggest you consider the following helpful point:

  1. Not everyone is cut out to be an accountant. It requires a love for both numbers and technology
  2. You’ll need to be a good people person and enjoy taking charge as a leader when required
  3. You will also require good communication skills and be a careful and critical thinker
  4. Accountants must have good attention to detail. If you’re naturally good at spotting mistakes, then this career could be a great career choice for you
  5. Do you enjoy being centre of attention? Many get the wrong idea about accountancy and think that an accountant sits in solitude all week long, while this may have been true years ago, nowadays accountants have moved to the forefront and are require to chair meetings and deliver presentations amongst their peers and clients. For that reason, communication is key
  6. Are you a lover of routine? There are many tasks required of an accountant that can be repetitive, so being a lover of repeated processes will go in your favour if you’re to consider a career in accountancy
  7. In need of a 9-5 job? Working within the field of accountancy is generally a 9-5 role, however there are particular deadlines that imperative and require longer hours and overtime where necessary. In these periods of time, you will need to be more flexible in terms of the hours you work
  8. Are you an honest person? Integrity and honesty are high up on the skills list when it comes to hiring a new staff member. An organisation’s financial records are sensitive and therefore as an individual dealing with such information, strong ethics and a high-level of integrity will be required of you


For further advice on a career in accounting, please refer to our useful contacts at UKCBC for more information on the courses we provide.

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