Have I Chosen the Right Career Path?

Have you ever asked yourself if the career path you’ve chosen is right for you? Depending on the challenges you are currently facing in your work, you may be asking yourself this question right now. It’s human nature to seek pastures new, and it’s healthy to question our current professional position.

Compare the Advantages and Disadvantages

If you find yourself in an inquisitive mood, consider comparing the advantages and disadvantages of your current position.

Research Various Roles

After making a thorough list of pros & cons and concluding that you are interested in a new career direction, the next step would be to start researching new potential positions. You can never be sure you’ve found the right role until you start working, but considerable research will help you understand the daily work life of a particular job. Additionally, you’ll be able to ask about these potential reservations if you make it through to the interview process of a job that you’ve researched. There are also plenty of professional groups on LinkedIn that can answer your questions.

Why Consider an Accounting Career?

Those who pay great attention to detail and have a propensity for analysis may find the stimulating environment of the accounting industry to be a perfect professional fit. Moreover, there’s always plenty of room for growth in the sector. Let’s look at some of the key details of the industry to help you decide if an accounting career might be worth considering:

– Teamwork: the breadth of accounting services means that you’ll rarely be working in isolation.
– Room for growth: those with the desire to rise up the ladder will be rewarded for their efforts. Senior level accountants are sought after commodities in the current market.
– Technology: accounting technology is in a near constant state of innovation. Those who enjoy keeping on top of advancements in tech will find accounting is an interesting sector.
– Leadership: knowing the detailed data behind a business means that accountants are being propelled into the management spotlight. Those with access to accounting data are often tasked with charing meetings and delivering presentations to peers and clients; strong communicators will find their skills are invaluable.
– Stability: accounting is one of the world’s oldest professions. It’s an essential part of business, and legislation changes often result in bigger workload, which can lead to more staff being employed.
– Well document professional progression: each progressive level of certification results in workers being able to apply for more senior positions (and command higher salaries).

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