Student Representatives are members of UKCBC’s student body elected by the students in their own classes. Each rep plays a hugely important role in communicating the needs of the student body to college staff and management. Today we speak with Student Body Representative Alice Frunzete about her life as a Student Representative at UKCBC.  

When did you first get involved with the Student Representative programme and why? 

I first got involved with the student rep project when another student recommended me for a position on the Student Council.  

I thought it would be a great opportunity for professional development by learning from the experienced academic staff. For me, it’s another positive point to add to my CV.   

How has the Student Representative role made a difference to your time at UKCBC? 

Acting as a link between my fellow students and staff has greatly improved my communication and leadership skills. I’ve been given the opportunity to build potential employment connections and to ensure other student voices are heard.

What does representing the student body mean to you? 

For me, representing the student body means both improving several professional skills and helping make sure students get the best education possible.

What does your role involve? 

The role is varied. Communication is probably the one thing that ties together all the tasks of a student rep. I spend time speaking with other members of the student body to communicate important changes and listen to their concerns. I also speak with the college team to relay students’ needs and find out what changes are to come.

What have you achieved for students this year? 

I have been a student rep for almost half a year now. I’ve participated in several important meetings with both students and UKCBC staff and helped welcome prospective students through various open days.    

What would you say to any student who is interested in getting involved with being a Student Representative but hasn’t applied?

I would say go for it! It’s a great opportunity to get more involved with the College and you could really make a difference to the lives of students at UKCBC by making sure their voices are heard.  

It’s also very interesting to see the College from a different perspective, and being a member of the student council has helped me understand what kind of processes that education providers have to go through to implement change, like the new top-up degrees. It’s also helped me understand who I am and what I can do. Being a student representative is an empowering position to be in.

Are you interested in becoming a student representative? Get in contact with for more information.

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