Press Release from UKCBC college:

Thursday 2nd March

Wes Streeting, MP for Ilford North visited the Wentworth House offices of UK College of Business and Computing (UKCBC) on Thursday 2nd March to meet with June Dennis, Principal of UKCBC and UKCBC student representatives. The purpose of the meeting was to show Mr Streeting around the Wentworth House premises and to discuss how students are actively engaged in the running of the college.

The Wentworth House meeting was also attended by Bhargav Busa, Gants Hill representative; Doris Aba Anane, and UKCBC’s student representatives; Alina Vasile and Elena Popescu.

Mr Streeting was impressed with how diverse the student body is and how actively engaged the student representatives are. Attendees also discussed how Brexit might impact the college and how UKCBC could engage with the local community and business networks more.

June Dennis, Principal said ‘It is very evident that Wes has a passion for higher education and for ensuring that all people, regardless of age or background, are able to access good quality and relevant education.  He was evidently impressed by the engagement of our student representatives. We hope this is the start of our increased profile within the Redbridge area.’

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