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Embarking on a course of study is a big commitment, not least if you’re re-entering education after a long break or have other commitments such as work and family. So how can you approach your academic pursuits with confidence and how can you manage your study to be as effective as possible? While there is no shortcut to success and hard work is essential, there are things you can do and study tips you can follow that will help you improve the efficiency of your study. Take a look at our five tips for effective study below. Also, why not take a look at another helpful post; How to accomplish more in your day.

Location is Key

Where you work is instrumental to how you work. Selecting a location that supports concentration and doesn’t offer myriad distractions can make all the difference to how well you do in your academic achievements. Establish an area at home that is dedicated solely to your work; remove any unnecessary forms of distraction; television, magazines, internet etc. and try to isolate yourself from those that may interrupt you. This is often easier said than done, not least if you’re living in shared student accommodation. In such instances, why not visit local libraries and museums and take advantage of the peace and quiet they offer?

Be Confident

Confidence is vital to academic success, so any form of study should be approached with a level of confidence to help you achieve what you set your mind to. If you feel that you need to force yourself to study, you will be in the wrong frame of mind to be effective. Instead, you should try to approach your work with a positive attitude, reminding yourself of your abilities and focusing on how you can develop key areas. Something that is vital to your approach, meanwhile, is the ability not to compare yourself to others. The temptation to compare your results to anybody else is of no benefit and only leads to negative thinking.


It may not sound like fun, but being organised pays dividends. Once you have set up your work space, it’s important that you keep it organised and free from clutter. Everything should have its own place, and keeping it arranged will prove invaluable when in search of something. Imagine the stress associated with a desperate hunt for course notes or a revision textbook when you need them most. Searching frantically before you get down to any work is not healthy for your mind, nor your productivity, so ensuring you have precisely what you need for effective study, will help you to work more efficiently.

Set your Goals

Knowing precisely what you wish to achieve from your work helps you plot the journey to success from the earliest stage. When it comes to study, having a checklist or a to-do list for each study session will give you a target to achieve as well as ensure you are focused on the tasks in hand. Perhaps you wish to read five chapters of a revision guide before the end of the day, or want to write at least 1,000 words of your essay. Set yourself small individual goals and mark them off as you go. Not only will you gradually edge towards completion of bigger goals, you will be able to enjoy a sense of achievement as you cross the milestones off your list.

Go Easy on Yourself

One of the most common failings for students is to overdo the work. The brain is capable of only so much, so overloading it with information in one sitting is counterproductive to the efficacy of your work. In fact, after a certain point, you will fail to retain any of the information going in, purely because of tiredness, and will need to re-read it the following day. Instead, you should allow yourself time to rest between periods of study, giving your mind time to absorb the information you read before trying to do more. It may only be a break of 30 minutes or less, but giving yourself a screen/textbook break is invaluable to your work.

Preparing for your study with UK College of Business and Computing (UKCBC) is essential to your academic success, but it’s not something you should fear. Instead, you should approach your work with enthusiasm and confidence, adopting the above tips to ensure you put in the very best work each time. To find out more about studying at our London campus, contact the team at UKCBC today.

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