Bringing a Sense of Home to your Student Accommodation…

The importance of a comfortable environment makes such a difference to your studies. When it comes to having somewhere to relax and unwind, and in which to work and revise, being able to call a place your own will help boost productivity and the quality of your work.

For many students, however, studying at higher education means moving from home and relocating to an area that may be unfamiliar. What’s more, it’s not uncommon to move into university halls of residence, or join a house share with fellow students. The need to therefore make a place your own – even if it is a solitary bedroom – is fundamental to feeling relaxed and comfortable so as to assure the efficacy of your study.

So, how can you make your student accommodation feel like home and allow you to feel at ease and homely in what might be a small room? Follow these tips to establish a comfortable environment…

Maximise Space

If you’re confined to a solitary room for all of your belongings, the need to maximise what little space you have is essential. Clever storage ideas – such as under the bed draws or practical shelving – will help minimise clutter and establish an environment that is perfect for either relaxation or hard work.

Home Comforts

Essential to any new residence is a taste of home. Bringing items that provide a level of familiarity, therefore helping to beat homesickness. Whether it’s a familiar cushion or blanket, photos of loved ones, or even a toy from childhood, don’t be afraid to pack what you need to help establish a sense of home comfort.

Battle Odours

Chances are, moving into student accommodation means moving into a property that has been well ‘lived in’. And, despite the efforts of cleaners, you may well face the prospect of having to get rid of nasty odours. Invest in some scented candles that will steadily release delicate odours and help provide an aroma that will at least cover the smell of past tenants and cleaning products.


When looking to establish comfortable, home-like quarters, organisation will prove essential. Pack only the items that will be necessary and ensure that you don’t end up with more than your room can hold. Once you’re in, you can even adopt a policy of ‘if something hasn’t been used in three months, throw it away.’ In addition, keeping your study environment organised and clutter-free will prove rewarding for your studies, as working in a messy environment could well affect your focus and concentration.

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