Going Further with your HND…

There are plenty of options available to you when thinking about taking up a HND (Higher National Diploma) course. The UK College of Business and Computing (UKCBC) has campuses across London and Essex and offers a range of HND qualifications including various Business Management pathways, Travel and Tourism HNDs and Information Technology diplomas.

Studying your HND in Essex or London can open up a range of opportunities but what does an HND qualification really mean for your career?

Your HND…

A HND is a vocational qualification that usually takes two years as a full-time course to achieve. This means you can get a great qualification in a relatively short space of time.

HNDs are much more practically based and skill focused, which is of great value to potential employers who want someone with an understanding of the specific skills required to do the role rather than the theoretical ones; more commonly taught in degrees.

One of the most valuable decisions you can make is to get practical work experience whilst studying, and this is something we really encourage at UKCBC. Doing so enhances what you have been taught and also allows time to apply learnings to a real-life work situation. It’s also a great opportunity to build a rapport and make some valuable contacts that might come in handy further down the line.

Going Straight into a Career after your HND

Once you have your HND qualification, it is possible to go straight into your chosen career depending on what is required by your potential employer. If you have been working whilst studying your HND, it’s always a good idea to see what’s available at the company you are getting experience at. Having already got your foot in the door, it’s the perfect way to explore the criteria needed to work there and the development opportunities available, as you may be able to tailor your studies towards meeting that criteria.

Getting a HND can also benefit you in interviews as you can talk more about your practical experience. Employers will value that hands on experience, especially if you can apply what you have learnt to the questions they ask. You should promote the technical experience you have gained and how this relates to your chosen industry.

Topping up to a Degree

Having completed your HND, you may fancy continuing with your education as part of your wider career plan. The good news is that with a HND this is absolutely doable.

It is possible with many courses that a HND can usually count towards either the first year or even the first two years of a degree course. This all depends on the university in question, but the majority of universities now recognise the HND qualification. This is a great option if you’ve decided that a graduate scheme is the way forward for you.

Some students chose to top-up to an honours degree abroad, which is not only a great life experience but can also actively help to gain experience in your chosen industry especially if it’s in the Travel and Tourism or International Business sector.

You should also remember to explore your options with funding as you will hopefully qualify for student finance.

Getting a Professional Qualification

The majority of HNDs count as the entry level for professional qualifications with some going further and offering you exemptions, meaning you can complete the qualification in less time due to having previously passed modules.

Many employers offer employees the opportunity to study a professional qualification with the employer footing the bill. If this is something that you are interested in then it’s worth exploring whether the company you want to join offers this opportunity. If they do, having a HND will put you in a great position as you will already have knowledge of the area you wish to go into.

Where’s Good to Study for a HND Qualification?

One of the best parts about studying for a HND is choosing where to do it. Choosing to enrol at UKCBC means you have choice from one of our study centres across London and Essex. You should consider that the location of your HND study can open up a range of opportunities in your chosen profession. Whatever your chosen sector, there will be plenty of job and work experience chances for you to get practical experience, not to mention the networking opportunities often available to students.

A HND is the next step in your career and a fantastic opportunity to gain practical experience whilst you’re learning. With so many options available to you after you qualify, HND courses (like those available at UKCBC) are a great way to kick-start your way into the industry you want to build a career in.

Study for your HND at UKCBC

For further information on the range of HND courses available in London and Essex, simply get in touch. Our staff will gladly walk you through your options and outline course details, as well as answer any queries you may have about our HND courses. If you are thinking about further enhancing your career with a professional course in accounting, why not chat with us about our AAT programme.

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