Christmas for accountants doesn’t really arrive until the end of the tax year in April; nonetheless, the festive period can be quite useful for those looking to help reduce the tax bill for their company while keeping staff happy. Yes, today we’ll be talking about tax-deductible Christmas gifts.  

Why Give Gifts? 

Nothing says ‘thank you’ quite like a gift, and no one needs to know that said gift happens to be tax-deductible, right?  

With staff retention becoming a growing concern, especially in accounting where qualified accountants are in high demand, now’s the time to show some appreciation for your team. You never know, a thoughtful gift might just be the difference between keeping and losing your best and brightest (and giving gifts is a lot easier for Brits than showing emotion in spoken form).  

And the gift-giving needn’t stop at your staff. Maintaining excellent relationships with other companies by giving gifts is a great way to stay in their thoughts, especially if the gift is particularly useful – no paperweights, please.   

What Is Tax Deductible? 

This is where the real fun begins: accountants will be able to look through the government’s expenses and benefits A to Z and work the potential gifts around what is and isn’t permitted for tax deduction. 

Other rules regarding tax-deductible items include giving away items for the purpose of advertising if its value is less than £50 in total; that could be a pair of Bluetooth headphones complete with your company’s logo or a branded reusable coffee cup. 

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