Do’s and Don’ts:

When looking at accountancy careers, you may find a range of jobs you wish to apply for. If you are lucky enough to secure an interview, it’s important to give the right impression through your body language. Here are a few vital do’s and don’ts when going for an interview…


  • Smile; Think of how YOU would like to be greeted. A good first impression is often left by those who give a warm smile when called for an interview rather than a look of terror. Most workplaces want happy and friendly people working for them so it’s important to show you will fit into the culture.


  • Make good eye contact; Looking at the person you are speaking to shows a level of confidence and that you are engaging with them. Try to remain natural by not staring but also ensure you aren’t looking down at your hands for longer periods of time. You can often pick up cues during your answers as to whether you are going down the right path or they seem particularly impressed by an example you are giving.


  • Use those hands; Not sure where to put your hands? Use them as you speak but not too over the top, the key is moderation. When not using them, keep them on your lap.


  • Switch off whilst they speak; Whilst nerves can often make it hard to absorb everything that you are told, ensure you listen to the interviewer when they are speaking to you, especially if they are telling you about their company or answering any of your questions.


  • Look bored; You may not mean to but if you put your hands in your pockets or slouch, it can look like you don’t want to be there.


  • Fidget; When nervous or self-conscious, fidgeting is often a natural reflex. This may become distracting for an interviewer and be uncomfortable to look at. As talked about in our do’s section, use your hands whilst you speak to avoid any awkward fidgeting.


It wouldn’t be advisable to think too much about your body language during an interview, otherwise you may only focus on this and become self-conscious, however it’s important to come across well. After all, It’s your chance to sell yourself as someone who could fit into their organisation.

It’s natural to feel nervous in an interview situation, especially when entering work life after studies. Just ensure that you concentrate on the questions in hand, make a good first impression, listen and engage. Oh, and remember to smile. Happy job hunting!

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