Considering a Career in Accountancy?

Embarking upon a professional qualification is not a decision to be taken lightly. Careful consideration has to be given to whether the course is right for you, the entry requirements, whether it fits in with your lifestyle and if it will boost your career.

An AAT qualification is great for anyone looking to advance their accountancy career. If you’re considering becoming an AAT student, here are some important things to bear in mind as you take your first steps towards AAT studies.

Is it the Right Course for You?

Hopefully, you’ve done your research but make sure that this is the course for you. If you are interested in furthering your accountancy career and have little formal training behind you, then the AAT is a great choice. It provides you with the basic foundations of a successful career in finance without limiting any future options.

Entry Requirements

With AAT, unlike other courses, there are no entry requirements so this is one big easy tick for you. No matter what you’ve achieved in your previous qualificatios, you are eligible to study AAT.

Training Provider

This is who you’ll be paying for your studies and where you’re going to be spending time studying so you need to ensure that you choose your training provider wisely.

All AAT providers are accredited by AAT so you can be sure that the teaching is of excellent quality. However, you need to think about where the provider is located, how long it will take you to get there and also if they offer any additional support such as career advice, networking events and flexible learning etc.

The Course Structure

You need to ensure that the course offered matches your lifestyle requirements. For example, if you’re working full time then you’ll need to find a training provider that offers either weekend or evening courses.

Another factor to consider is that each level of AAT is a qualification on its own, so should you choose to stop after a level, you would have still obtained a formal qualification, whereas with other accountancy bodies, this wouldn’t be the case.

Career Options and Future Aspirations

Completing the AAT qualification opens doors for you in your accountancy career. With an AAT at hand, you can now apply for jobs that may have seemed out of reach, you’re also front of the queue for other jobs.

However, the AAT can lead to several exciting prospects. Completing the AAT qualification provides you with 160 UCAS points, which enables you to apply for university courses. You can also start more advanced accountancy qualifications such as ACCA and CIMA. You will be able to get exemptions from many accountancy qualifications meaning less exams in the future should you wish to pursue this route.

An AAT is a well-recognised qualification that can provide you with sustainable career growth as well as opening doors to further study. However, before starting your course, make sure you have considered each of the points above and know the answers. Here at UKCBC in London and Essex, we offer flexible studying and great career advice. Check out our AAT course here.

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