AAT Career Opportunities

Achieving qualified status with the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) equips you with the tools you need to enjoy a long and successful career in a range of financial roles. Thanks to its status as one of the most recognised accounting qualifications in the world, the opportunities it presents are both vast and exciting.

AAT Membership

Successful completion of the AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting – Level 4 means you will have full membership, otherwise known as MAAT, making you eligible to use ‘MAAT’ after your name. These letters carry a level of recognition as an accounting professional and also a reverence that employers value, making you a highly sought-after candidate for employment.

Career Opportunities in Accountancy

The accountancy profession encompasses a wide array of employment opportunities, with careers ranging from entry-level junior positions to roles in senior management. With an AAT qualification, you will have the chance to further your professional development and seek employment with renowned and respected organisations around the world.

You may choose to continue your studies and pursue a position as a chartered accountant through achieving professional qualifications like ACCA, CIMA, and IACEW, or you may consider using your knowledge and expertise to start your own business. The AAT member in practice (MIP) status, enables you to offer consultancy services to the public in the UK, allowing you to run your own business.

International Careers

The financial industry is always evolving and looking for candidates with suitable skills and expertise. With career opportunities available both in the UK and overseas, an AAT qualification opens up new opportunities across the globe. Successful completion of AAT equips you with necessary skills to rise to any challenge, and the UKCBC will strongly support you in achieving your qualification successfully.

For more information on potential careers after completing your studies, contact UK College of Business and Computing today. Our friendly team will offer guidance to further your academic progression in accounting.