By knowing which questions are likely to be asked in your accountancy interview, you can keep your nerves at bay. If you can anticipate the type of questions likely to occur, you can be prepared with effective answers and remain cool, calm, and collected.

To ensure your potential future employer gets a full picture of your professional profile it’s important to portray your skills clearly in an interview. And by understanding the types of questions that are likely to be asked, you can rehearse your answers and ensure you have shown yourself to your fullest potential.

Here are questions likely to be asked:

What are the top 3 skills that every good accountant has?

For this question, the interviewer is looking for skills such as knowledge of big data concepts, business insight and communication skills. Top applicants will list examples of these skills too unless the interviewer asks not to.

What’s the toughest accounting challenge you’ve ever solved?

Use this question as an excuse to show off your creativity, experience and skill when it comes down to resolving complicated accounting issues.

Describe a time when you had to meet a tight deadline and how you handled it

Creating reports accurately, efficiently and effectively is an example of a useful skill needed in many roles; it shows you’re able to meet tight deadlines without losing quality, which is an essential skill in accounting. Consider your response to this question carefully, and be sure to share an example that demonstrates how you respond to deadline pressure and stress in a constructive manner.

What experience have you had of presenting financial data to non-financial staff?

Discussing financial data and reports with non-finance colleagues is something that happens regularly in accounting roles. Stressing your strong communication skills here is crucial as well as your experience in presenting information.

Why did you choose a career in finance?

This is your chance to tell the interviewer your intentions for pursuing a position at that company. Try your best to show your passion for the subject of accounting and finance as opposed to focusing on the salary or stability of the role.

The reason this question is being asked is so that the interviewer can get a good idea of your long-term plans in the profession, which will hopefully bring you closer to your end goal of getting the job.

Tell me about when you worked as part of a team to improve an accounting process

Teamwork is a vital element of many roles, so demonstrating your experience of teamwork positively will go in your favour. Collaboration is crucial within the accounting sector as the need to work extensively with colleagues is required both in and out of the accounts department. When asked this question, give indications of your strong collaboration and leadership skills.

These are just a few examples of questions that are likely to be asked during an accountancy interview. If you have any questions about attending interviews while studying at UKCBC, our staff are happy to assist. For those of you looking to start a career in accounting, registering on one of our AAT courses could be your first step.

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