The Benefits Learning English Has on your Career…

Landing the job of your dreams can be an extremely competitive process, which is why it’s essential to stand out from the crowd. Companies often look for the crème-de-la-crème to join their organisation, so when planning your future career moves, it’s wise to take steps that’ll open as many doors as possible and prove you have what it takes to succeed.

Learning English in London, for instance, is a major challenge that’ll not only benefit you personally but it could help you secure some of the top career opportunities. So, here’s how perfecting your grasp of English could improve your career prospects…

It’ll Demonstrate to your Employers That you’re a Hard Worker…

Unless, you’ve been multi-lingual since you were a youngster, learning more than one language can be extremely difficult. The older we get the more obstacles and insecurities stand in our way, such as the fear of making mistakes. Mastering the art of speaking in a foreign tongue however, will show employers that you’re a hard worker! The fact you have learnt English will stand out on your CV as being a noteworthy accomplishment that you should be proud of.

It’ll Allow You to Apply for a Wider Variety of Jobs

Many jobs require the ideal candidate to speak more than one language. If you want to become a translator or interpreter for instance, you’ll need to have a solid understanding of at least two languages, so taking English lessons is a great place to start. What’s more, as many countries have English as their primary native language, including; Britain, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, many Caribbean islands including; Bahamas, Barbados etc. You may even have the chance to live and work abroad which could be a life-changing experience.

You’ll Appeal to International Businesses

As communications networks and transport links improve, more and more companies are becoming international offices with branches around the world. International businesses require multi-lingual employees for their day-to-day operations, to function properly. By taking an English language course to enhance your career, you could therefore find you appeal to companies on an international scale.

Being employed by an organisation that continues to expand and grow can be extremely exciting! Positions could arise in different parts of the world, which you may be eligible for. If a job opens in London for instance, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself into British culture, while developing your career – or you might simply be asked to make regular business trips as and when required.

You can Gain Access to English Speaking Colleges

Will learning English benefit my career? It might be something you’ve asked yourself more than once, but the answer is likely to be, YES! Firstly, with the right qualifications and accreditations such as a high IELTS score, you should be eligible for a place at an English-speaking college or university. This will in-turn give you the chance to study a course or degree that’ll take your career to new heights. Being at an English-speaking college, be it in the heart of a UK capital such as London, or elsewhere, will also enable you to practise your new skills daily. It will also ensure you are competent enough to start working for a company that requires your language knowledge to be of the highest standard.

You Could Even Start your Own Company

Thinking about starting your own business? The more languages you can speak, the better, as it’ll allow you to communicate with as many people as possible. You’ll also be able to smoothly make and understand international deals without having to rely on an interpreter. You’ll even be able to interview prospective staff members in English to ensure their knowledge is up to scratch. This is particularly important if you plan to be based in the UK or are planning to solely operate in an English-speaking country.

If you want to be a self-made entrepreneur and are determined to appeal to an English-speaking audience, make sure you perfect all areas of the English language for your benefit. Whilst, great emphasis should be put on speaking and listening skills, as communication is vital in an international company, do your best to perfect reading and writing skills too. You’ll need to draft and understand everything from contracts to letters at some point down the line.

Want to Improve your English Language?

While complex and intricate, English is also a widely spoken and wonderful language to learn. With English language courses of all levels available from the likes of UKCE, you’ll be able to gain top tuition from qualified English teachers. If you’re looking to obtain a further qualification, it’s well-worth checking out the wide range of group classes and one-on-one English sessions on offer.

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