Fun and festivities in Holborn on Wednesday, 26th April, as the UKCBC welcomed staff and guests to the official opening of their new Central London campus.

The Deputy Mayor of London Mr Rajesh Agrawal joined a selection of student representative and members of staff for the evening. Mr Agrawal wowed the crowd with an inspirational speech that began with his first experience of the capital: “I had £200, I knew no one, but London welcomed me with open arms.” Indeed, London and its vibrant student community were the central themes for much of Mr Agrawal’s speech: “It is a city of opportunities – achieve what you want to achieve… We are an outward looking, multi-cultural city, and we must keep it that way.” The positive words are great news for students and institutions alike, and it’s particularly encouraging to hear Mr Agrawal talk of protecting international students’ rights in these politically turbulent times.

As a large provider of education to both national and international students, the UKCBC staff were delighted to hear the Deputy Mayor speak passionately about the protection all students and EU citizens deserve: “All students are welcome no matter where you are from… Europeans should not be used as bargaining chips.”

Another highlight of the evening came from Student Representative Alina Vasile who spoke at length about the growth of the UKCBC and what that means for the student body: “More campuses give more students the chance to change their lives. The UKCBC offers students a brighter future.”

The evening was capped by an insightful talk by Chair of the Board of Governors Professor Roger King, explaining the type of institution the UKCBC is aiming to become: “We want to be known as innovative, yet accessible.” Echoing Mr Agrawal’s speech, Professor King highlighted how London is the perfect setting for the UKCBC. What better location is there than ‘the city of opportunity’ for a college that empowers its students to do great things.

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