Moving to the capital and experiencing London living can prove daunting, exciting, and overwhelming in equal measure. Simply becoming accustomed to the sights and sounds, finding your bearings, and knowing how to cope in the thriving metropolis of London takes time, but by following our tips and advice for student living in London, you can be confident of adapting to the city sooner rather than later.

Embrace London Living

There’s a pace of life in London that nestles between hectic and frantic. Regardless of where you are or what you do, embracing this form of London living is essential to your survival in the city. From tackling the underground for the first time – and experiencing the bustle of rush hour – to navigating your way along the streets as passers-by race alongside, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there’s no time to lose when living in London. It won’t take long for you to adapt to this way of life, and you’ll soon realise that the frenetic pace of getting around the city is just something that has become a tradition.

Mix with the Capital Culture

One of the greatest features of London is the sheer diversity of the people that call the city home. This is a destination that welcomes one and all, and which provides the opportunity to mingle with those from backgrounds of fascinating diversity. Best of all, you will be able to mix with others wherever you head. From bars and restaurants, to museums and beautiful open parks, you’ll cross paths with others in a way that is rewarding and helps you grow as a person.

Know the Value of Everything

There’s been a lot of press over the years detailing the expense of living in London. While the city is undoubtedly the most expensive place in the UK, the qualities of being able to live in the capital are limitless. For example, student living often revolves around getting more out of your money; by choosing to live in London, you will quickly find yourself becoming skilled at budgeting and knowing where to find the best deals. Though you may find the early months in the city a steep learning curve, the advantage of being able to budget effectively will be a skill you find very useful throughout your life.

Making London your New Home

For many people, studying in London means sharing a home with a number of other people, whether students, professionals, or host families. Regardless of whom you end up lodging with, chances are you’ll have to become accustomed to the quirks of others. In such a scenario, it’s imperative that you create a space where you live that you can call home, and which is a comfortable retreat from others. Being able to have personal space in which to unwind, work, revise, and relax is fundamental to the success of your study.

Moving to the capital is a bold move for any student, regardless of age and experience. London is a city that rarely sleeps and which moves at an exceptional pace. But by approaching your time in the city with confidence and knowing what to expect, you can be certain that London living will soon feel natural and like home.

Choosing to Study and Live in London

Not every student can study for their qualification whilst living in such a vibrant city as London. For many, it is an experience that will last a lifetime. To enquire about any of the HND or professional accountancy courses in London as provided by UKCBC, get in touch with our admissions team on 020 8518 4994.

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