Interesting Facts About HNDs…

If you’re a student looking to gain a valuable qualification that can help support and further your professional life, few options are more valuable than a Higher National Diploma (HND).

Employers throughout the UK value students with a HND qualification for the simple fact that it demonstrates ability in the chosen field. Unlike degrees, which often focus on the theory of a subject, an HND adopts a more ‘hands-on’ approach, thereby setting students up with the skills necessary to succeed. But what else should you know about HNDs?

Here we will look at five things about HND qualifications to help you in your decision-making process to choose the right study type for you…

1. Business Studies Get the Thumbs Up

Students in the UK tend to focus on the business and administrative studies when embarking on an HND qualification. The popularity of such qualifications indicates just how important it is to get the right experience before going on to pursue a career in an industry such as this.

2. Further Study

According to statistics published in October 2014, following completion of study, over 57% continue their studies full time, while another 15.5% go on to study and work at the same time. Often, the level of study pursued after an HND is a full university degree programme.

3. Top Jobs Held By HND Graduates

Some of the most popular job sectors held by HND graduates include:

  • Computing and IT
  • Business and Management
  • Health and Social Care
  • Graphic Design

4. Variety of Courses

The range of HND courses available includes diverse subjects from Business Management to Information Technology and Travel and Tourism to Health and Social Care.

5. Funding is Available

News coverage around student loans can be frightening, and may well put many off seeking further education. The good news, however, is that for HND students, funding options are available. What’s more, there are flexible options available to students who need to fit study around their job, with evening and weekend classes available so your academic studies need not be hindered by financial constraints.

Looking for an HND Course in London or Essex?

To find out more about studying for a Higher National Diploma, contact the UK College of Business and Computing today. We can provide advice and support regarding your studies, as well as a number of courses of our own at our London and Essex based campuses.

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